Take the risk out of terminal operations and maximize control.

The industry’s leading terminal lifting control solution, DTN TABS supports more than 95 percent of terminal automation systems on the market. DTN TABS centralizes and automates your product allocations and credit, intelligently applying algorithms to business rules, customer profiles, market conditions and customer actions, giving you complete control across both proprietary and third-party terminals. Never has it been easier to control who gets what and when.

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TABS Add-Ons

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Supply Event

Increase efficiencies by better managing supply issues with automated alerts to your impacted customers.

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Simplify and strengthen product demand forecasting at the rack. Ensure you have the right amount of product to meet your customer’s needs.

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Load Assist Dashboard

Keep drivers moving, wherever you’re working. Find and fix loading issues, anywhere, anytime.

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Enhanced Credit Module

Effectively manage your credit risk and ensure your credit enforcement is accurate.

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Controlling who gets what, and when.

DTN TABS simplifies product allocations and credit across proprietary and third-party terminals, providing ultrapractical insights and detailed information needed to make smarter business decisions and protect your margins.

  • Simplified Process – DTN TABS provides comprehensive product lifting control essential to fuel sellers today.
  • Maximizes Global Control – Centralizing and automating product allocations and credit across both proprietary and third-party terminals gives you the control you need.
  • Improved Capability – Increases your ability to fulfill allocations and product requests as customers require them.
  • Customer Satisfaction – Ensures each client gets the right amount of fuel at the agreed-upon price at the rack.
  • Fuel Security – Automates the entire process for managing credit limits and volume control, allowing you to confirm customers’ credit terms, and ensuring their fuel is physically secure.
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When margins matter, total control makes all the difference.

DTN TABS helps you work smarter, not harder, helping to enhance your business’ operations and marketing position while maximizing your profitability. Use DTN TABS to:

  • Maintain a reliable supply by avoiding excess inventory and reduced working capital.
  • Reduce credit exposure and bad debt write-offs by controlling who is lifting and how much.
  • Lower costs with streamlined and accurate automated billing processes.
  • Enhance customer service with real-time information and supply event notifications.
  • Collaborate with customers to improve forecasting accuracy, anticipate product demands, and manage inventory.
  • Adjust sales strategies to fit real-time demand and maximize your market value.
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DTN TABS is the leading terminal lifting control solution in the industry. Learn why 90% of major suppliers are using it and what it can do for you.

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DTN TABS is a dynamic software tool offering centralized real-time control over product allocation and credit. The more real-time monitoring and control you have, the better you can certify allocations and avoid holding excess inventory. Need to track rack demand information in real-time, or know instantly when an allocation is close to its exhaustion percentage? Want to reduce chances of credit fraud or bad debt write-offs? DTN TABS helps you with this and more.

DTN is a customer-centric and employee-driven trusted source of actionable insights for 600,000 customers focused on feeding, protecting, and fueling the world. DTN focuses on empowering agriculture, oil and gas, trading, and weather-sensitive industries through continuous, leading-edge innovation.

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