MetConsole Automated Weather Observation System (AWOS)

Keep your airport running safely and smoothly with MetConsole Automated Weather Observation System (AWOS).

Weather can play a large role in airport operations, and often determines the safeguards and procedures an airport uses to keep passengers and personnel out of harm’s way. With the MetConsole Automated Weather Observation System (AWOS), you will be able to utilize a fully ICAO/WMO compliant tool to obtain accurate weather information.


Keep your airport running like clockwork with MetConsole AWOS.

Flexible and reliable, the newly re-engineered MetConsole AWOS allows you to automate your weather observation functions. Fully customizable, this system integrates and displays any information you require. MetConsole AWOS is the answer to your weather automation needs with its evolving software.

  • Automated Observations – MetConsole AWOS automates weather observation functions, making airport operations run efficiently and safely.
  • Flexible & Adaptable – The system is highly adaptable due in part to its modern technology framework and flexible architecture.
  • Customizable – The open and modular makeup of the system enables you to utilize only necessary functions whether you’re looking for a simple AWOS or a nationwide network of Cat III AWOS.
  • Quality Data – MetConsole AWOS provides a complete set of calculations and quality checks, as well as algorithms that can be mixed in any way to produce the data you need.
  • Meet Specific Requirements – With the graphical editor and configuration tools, you can design the human-machine interface to meet your specific requirements.
  • Upgrade Through Life-Cycle – Configuration information is stored in a database allowing you to customize and upgrade it whenever you need throughout the system’s life cycle.
  • Fully Compliant – The system meets stringent aeronautical weather observation requirements and fully complies with all relevant international standards, such as ICAO Annex and Doc, WMO Guides, ARINC, EUROCAE, ESARR, ISO, EN, and CE. Be confident knowing that MetConsole AWOS integrates efficiently with other air traffic management systems.
  • Sensor Independent – The standardized design is sensor independent. Use the sensors that best suit your operation, allowing you to change and increase the scale and scope of the system as necessary.
  • Enhanced Communication – Configure the system for automatic generation and delivery of METARs, including trend forecasts and other necessary messages or bulletins.
  • Wide Range of Functions – The technician/maintenance tool provides a robust set of functions for technicians and system administrators for more efficient maintenance.


Experience accuracy, reliability, and flexibility with MetConsole AWOS.

The MetConsole AWOS is part of the MetConsole Aviation Weather Suite, which provides you with numerous unique benefits:

  • You’ll have the freedom to install any brand of wind sensor ensures maximum value throughout the life cycle.
  • AWOS has a highly customizable, user-friendly interface. Our customers have unique and diverse requirements, and we strive to create flexible solutions that easily meet them.
  • Software-centric and seamless integration with the rest of DTN systems, such as AWOS, LLWAS, LiWAS makes this system easy for you to have all the information you need.

The MetConsole Aviation Weather Suite is a state-of-the-art solution to your weather needs. Users have access to real-time weather information and functionality consistent with daily operations, including:

  • Gathering weather data from field instruments and airport systems.
  • Performing data calculations for observations and reports.
  • Processing and validating data quality.
  • Storing historical data.
  • Delivering information appropriate for aviation users.

With the ability to easily configure and change scales, as well as an application programming interface, you’ll be able to modify anything to meet your changing needs over the system’s lifetime.

MetConsole AWOS offers the functionalities you need for safe and streamlined airport operations. Real-time weather observation provides for accurate and reliable information when you need it most.

The ability to gather field instrumentation data and perform quality processing makes MetConsole AWOS the ideal tool for your airport. With historical data storage and complete management of the system, MetConsole AWOS includes the industry-leading features that make it your reliable choice.

See a demo today and see firsthand how your airport operations will improve.