DTN FastRacks®

Get the edge you need for buying fuel in today’s global markets.

Use the most accurate and comprehensive industry information to assess competitive fuel market positions throughout the day and discover opportunities to boost your margins and your profits.


Fuel market intelligence, rack pricing analysis, and powerful tools to optimize your buying decisions.

Get the competitive edge you need in today’s rapidly fluctuating fuel market. DTN FastRacks allows you to monitor fuel rack prices in real time and receive customized alerts for favorable changes. Get the jump on advantageous pricing and improve the industry’s notoriously razor-thin margins.

DTN FastRacks helps fuel buyers work smarter and more efficiently. DTN FastRacks aggregates information from across markets and sorts by the supplier so you can see positions at a glance. It puts you in charge of the information you want to receive and the hedging strategies you want to follow.

As a DTN FastRacks customer, you’ll enjoy:

  • Real-Time Price Alerts – Get immediate notification when a rack price has changed.
  • Market Closing Reports – Daily summaries of fuel futures delivered after market close allows you to prepare for action at market opening.
  • Data Experts – DTN analysts will work with you to customize data, combine markets, and optimize for your delivery formats and times.
  • Accurate Data – DTN FastRacks electronically gathers rack prices and uses multiple control checks to ensure the highest level of accuracy in the industry.
  • Archived Reports – Use more than ten years of historical pricing data to compare suppliers or improve hedging.
  • Position Analysis – Know where you stand and plan ahead using daily rack price discovery reports that include all intraday price moves by the supplier.


Leverage rack pricing shifts to improve your margins.

DTN FastRacks provides the most accurate and timely fuel rack pricing in the industry, allowing you to select the most cost-effective wholesale terminals for your locations. You’ll also be able to adjust your pricing to cover increased costs as they occur, and shift strategies based on market conditions and competitor decisions.

DTN FastRacks is your key to a competitive edge and a better bottom line. With valuable insight from DTN FastRacks you can:

  • Make better customer and contract pricing decisions.
  • Analyze which supplier offers the most favorable pricing, at any time.
  • Discover whether branded or unbranded fuel is your best option based on market conditions.
  • Improve hedging by understanding product trends at certain racks over time.
  • Examine your index contract prices to validate your schema or improve your strategies.
  • Receive information in a variety of formats so that you’re never offline. Web, FTP push/pull, email, and satellite are available.
  • Increase your margins with smarter buying decisions and distribution.
  • Plan ahead for daily, weekly, and monthly fuel charges.
  • Rapidly adapt to changing market conditions.
  • Acquire an edge on your competition with better information, available faster.

Streamline your operations with a new and better way of doing things.

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Improve margins with a new benchmark for rack data

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DTN FastRacks by the numbers

DTN FastRacks is known for its superior pricing data and customer service. We work to ensure that the data it provides is accurate, timely, and able to be seamlessly integrated into your back-office tools.

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With the fuel industry’s thin margins, shaving fractions of pennies from per gallon pricing add up to more profit. Use DTN FastRacks for superior market intelligence and actionable insights to obtain a competitive edge and a better bottom line.

DTN FastRacks provides the most timely and accurate rack pricing information to fuel buyers in a cost-effective, accessible format.

Change the way you do business by getting the jump on fuel markets and spotting opportunities. Try DTN FastRacks demo today and experience the power of superior data.

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