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IQFeed knows the importance of using data and history together to give you the best trading and investing experience for the best price. That’s why our data history goes back nine years, and why our prices are widely known to be the most affordable. IQFeed delivers streaming and historical data for market analysis, real-time news to provide insight into market moves, and over 2,300 market breadth indicators for you to assess. And we continue to deliver for you — and stay ahead of the competition — by adding more features, such as the new “Smalls” through our partnership with Small Exchange.

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A trusted, proven information aggregator since 1984

DTN is the leading supplier of data for the physical cash commodities market. Our IQFeed delivers real-time, historical, and intraday data for securities market analysis, as well as additional market indicators that many competitive services don’t include.

IQFeed provides:

  • 180 calendar days of tick history
  • More than 700 market stats/breadth indicators
  • 11+ years of one-minute OHLCV historical data
  • Up to 80+ years of daily historical data
  • 500-2,500 simultaneous symbols
  • Real-time streaming news
  • Real-time equity/index options and Forex data
  • Market depth/Nasdaq level II data
  • Real-time index quotes
  • Smalls market data
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Information delivered exactly how you want it

For as much information as IQFeed delivers, it’s remarkably easy to use and understand — helping you reach conclusions and decisions faster than your competition.

IQFeed provides:

  • Real-time, true tick-by-tick data on U.S. and Canadian equities to support your trades
  • Customer service you can actually talk to
  • Streaming data for faster analysis and action
  • Compatibility with 50+ software applications
  • No broker restrictions
  • Unique insights to help diversify portfolios and reduce unwanted swings in value

Frequently Asked Questions

While other quote feeds resell data from third parties, domestic quote data in IQFeed is direct from each exchange. Our feeds are the fastest because we eliminate the middleman.

Because we own and manage our datacenter. Our primary datacenter doesn’t rely on third parties or co-location facilities. By controlling our fully redundant systems, we are able to react before an outage occurs.

Because our internal ticker plant doesn’t filter any data. Many third-party quote vendors don’t have the infrastructure and bandwidth to handle today’s high volume market. Our Quad Redundant ticker plant was built with today’s technology. This means you get the fastest, most complete and reliable data available.

Simply put, IQFeed moves at the speed of the internet. With it, you can, too.

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