7-Day Tropical Cyclone Service

We are your eye in the storm, delivering actionable insights

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With tropical cyclones increasing in severity and impact, nothing but the most comprehensive weather services will safeguard your operations. Uniquely, we track cyclone progression out to seven days, providing threat analysis specific to your mine site.

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Facilitate your emergency response with precise cyclone forecasting

When a severe weather system is heading straight for you, our team of qualified meteorologists dissects the data around the clock, giving you actionable solutions. 

Threat analysis tailored to your mining company – accurately identify risks to your operations, staff, and equipment. Our meteorologists, with mining expertise, prepare detailed threat analysis reports entirely customized to your site and infrastructure.

Seven-day tropical cyclone tracking – when cyclones develop, we have the unique capacity to follow their potential path out to seven days, so you can secure your site and plan for their approach.

Real-time alerting to protect your team and equipment – when a cyclone travels within 600 nautical miles of your site, your operation centers will receive advice and alerts by phone, email, and interface, ensuring seamless communication of vital information.

Full situational awareness of impacts as they occur – you can visualize forecast conditions and the system as it moves across your site and infrastructure, charting potential tropical cyclone impacts in real time. With that knowledge, you can implement an informed cyclone recovery plan.

Customized support services are provided – our specialist meteorologists are available to support you 24/7 throughout the cyclone, providing a lifeline when you need answers quickly.

Integrated tropical cyclone data, centralized – our tropical cyclone data for Australasian mines is integrated with the Australian Bureau of Meteorology’s synoptic charts and forecasts. We supply the most up to date, combined tropical weather outlook intelligence, saving you valuable time.

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Protect life and assets with customized cyclone intelligence

We work with you to identify site-specific risks, protect your people and strengthen your emergency response plans with the most accurate tropical cyclone data available.

Receive a supported solution – approach your risk management in the most timely and cost-effective way as we break down the cyclone’s potential timeline in relation to your site. Our meteorologists are available 24/7 for guidance throughout tropical cyclone formation and impact, giving you complete support.

Optimize your response with a tailored risk assessment – we focus on the potential consequences a cyclone may have, including force winds, storm surge and flooding, on your location, machinery and infrastructure. This comprehensive, tailored intelligence facilitates your emergency response plans enabling you to make critical decisions quickly.

Stay ahead with real-time alerting – with site-specific alerting delivered to any device across your network, you can rest assured that your personnel has access to vital safety information that gives them the needed lead time to launch their response.

Gain preparation time before the cyclone hits – you have complete spatial awareness of a developing system’s track before and during its impact on your site. With this robust data, you can secure temporary accommodation and machinery and protect your team and assets long before the cyclone is on top of you.

Implement in-depth training to improve your response – with our risk assessments and intelligence provided, you can fine-tune cyclone-specific emergency response training for your team. Your in-depth understanding will underpin a coherent, targeted response when your mine site and personnel are vulnerable.

With tropical cyclones threatening life, assets, and infrastructure on your site, only the most comprehensive weather intelligence should underpin your response. Optimize your ability to keep your team safe and your emergency response plans watertight. We provide you with an entirely tailored assessment of risk, real-time alerting, and seven-day cyclone tracking.

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