WeatherSentry® Wind Edition

Accurate and Proactive Alerts Provide Safety and Efficiency

WeatherSentry Wind Edition is a complete weather solution that alerts you to approaching storms; tracks lightning strikes in relation to your turbines; forecasts hub height wind speeds; and tells your maintenance crews when they should seek shelter. With our accurate forecasts and expert advice, you’ll always know what conditions are in store for your operation.


Wind farm site-specific weather insights.

WeatherSentry allows you to visualize weather in a layered map with radar, future radar, real-time lightning, and hub height winds. Conditions are monitored in daily forecasts for the next 15 days and hourly forecasts for the immediate 72 hours.

  • Single dashboard and multiple layers for comprehensive weather intelligence providing current conditions, forecasts, and alerts.
  • Global precision real-time lightning alerting, reporting and archiving:
    • Real-time lightning display and detection to visualize the proximity of strikes.
    • Historical lightning strike data for post-storm analysis.
  • Hub height winds – provide wind forecasts at popular hub heights of wind turbines at 80 meters, 110 meters, and 140 meters.
  • Alerting – patented, location-specific, customizable alerts on over 50 parameters, that can be set to monitor the conditions of most importance to you, plus an all-clear alert when it’s safe to resume maintenance.
  • Storm Corridors show where the severe weather is, where it is headed over the next 30 minutes, and gives an ETA for specific locations.
  • Smartphone App visibility and GPS-based forecasts and alerts for an exact location.
  • Meteorology Consulting 24x7x365, for professional insight when making important decisions.


Accurate, patented and backed by live meteorologists.

Create a plan ahead of storms for the impact of severe weather on your wind farm keeping crews and assets safe from severe thunderstorms, dangerous lightning, high winds, and approaching storms.

  • Schedule maintenance when weather won’t interrupt procedures or during low generation periods.
  • Avoid more expensive repair and blade replacement by identifying turbines for inspection after thunderstorms with the help of our blade inspection option.
  • Visualize lightning and other severe weather and create location-specific or GPS-position customizable alerts on more than 50 parameters that can be set to monitor the conditions of most importance to you.
  • Provide your team with actionable steps that should be taken in case of severe weather.

WeatherSentry Wind Edition Frequently Asked Questions

You can use WeatherSentry without limitations or restrictions for 7 days. Once you’re ready to sign up to continue to use the platform rest assured that all of your settings, feeds, and alerts will remain intact keeping your wind farm running smoothly.

Yes, you can download WeatherSentry’s companion App from the Apple Store and the Google Play Store to your phone or tablet.

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WeatherSentry Wind Edition is the only weather solution you need to monitor the overall health of your wind farm and protect the lives of your employees. Harness this information to keep your maintenance crews safe and working without interruptions.

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