WeatherSentry® Energy Edition

Let WeatherSentry protect your bottom line against Mother Nature’s fury.

Weather is unpredictable. Temperature fluctuations and inaccurate forecasts can lead to higher energy usage and costs across your entire system. DTN WeatherSentry Energy Edition offers better forecasts data. It provides useful outage feedback, allowing for better response to keep your crews safe and decrease recovery times. Over 70 percent of all major-investor-owned utilities companies and cooperatives across the United States of America put their trust in WeatherSentry Energy Edition. Relying on practical and accurate weather forecasting helps them plan ahead for adverse weather, saving resources and energy costs while keeping their crews safe.


WeatherSentry puts accurate weather information in the palm of your hand.

Energy experts turn to WeatherSentry Energy Edition for their weather information because of its meticulous and detailed weather and map data. With WeatherSentry Energy Edition, you can easily customize the data to focus on your chosen locations, tailoring the information to see data affecting your operations. You can create alerts to observe conditions critical to your business operations. WeatherSentry helps you stay ahead of your competition and keep up with the customer demand using uncomplicated and understandable weather maps and inputs.

WeatherSentry also provides:

  • Leading Edge Forecasting – Receive enhanced and detailed forecasts for the next 15 days and hourly forecasts for the next 72 hours.
  • Enhanced Storm Tracking – Track active storm corridors with local storm reports and other indicators of severe weather approaching your service territory.
  • Upgraded Monitoring Software – Observe and monitor storms for lightning, hail, tornadoes, ice, snow, and strong winds that could potentially destroy electrical infrastructure or endanger employees’ safety.
  • Lightning Manager® – View real-time lightning strike information displaying recent lightning strikes and locations of active and approaching thunderstorms.
  • Customizable Alerts – Create location-specific or GPS-position alerts on more than 50 parameters.  Survey conditions of your choosing, so you and your team can take actionable steps to protect resources in case of severe weather.
  • Mobile – No longer do you need to be tied to your office desk to view weather updates. Use WeatherSentry Energy Edition anytime or anywhere with the Smartphone app to view your parameters.
  • Get Help Anytime – With WeatherSentry Energy edition, you have access to meteorological advice 24x7x365. Get professional insights to help you make important decisions affecting your operations.


Get quick and accurate weather data and insight bolstered by professional meteorologist expertise.

When Mother Nature unleashes her wrath, time is generally not on your side. Waiting on the latest weather update leads to delays and disruptions in storm response. WeatherSentry Energy Edition will improve your response to service delays by providing you with accurate forecasts and better insights for weather events. Bolster your operational response with DTN at your side.

In addition to precise weather inputs, WeatherSentry Energy Edition offers the following benefits:

  • Operational Planning – Better plan staff operations and resource allotments, knowing when and where to dispatch line crews to make inspections and repairs safely.
  • Better Weather Tracking – Enhanced weather tracking provides you with in-depth knowledge of past, present, and future adverse weather events. Know when these events are expected to reach distinct locations in your service area.
  • Reduce Service Interruptions/Repair Time – Know the time and location of severe weather events, and where to send repair crew quickly. Slash outage times and service interruptions.
  • Mutual Assistance – Advanced weather data and insights will help you better regulate mutual assistance requests and external staffing costs and resources.  You decide when operational staffing beyond your internal resources are needed.

WeatherSentry Energy Edition Frequently Asked Questions

You can use WeatherSentry without limitations or restrictions for 7 days. Once you’re ready to sign up to continue to use the platform rest assured that all of your settings, feeds, and alerts will remain intact keeping your wind farm running smoothly.

Yes, you can download WeatherSentry’s companion App from the Apple Store and the Google Play Store to your phone or tablet.

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Weather unpredictability and volatility is now the norm, leading to vulnerabilities in storm response. With WeatherSentry Energy Edition, preparedness is in the palm of your hands. Protecting your profitability and your employees’ safety will guarantee a higher level of service and security for the communities who rely on your services. DTN weather solutions are among the industry’s best and most trusted solutions used by more than 70 percent of the industry. Let DTN be your partner in meeting your weather-readiness goals.

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