DTN Fuel Admin™

Streamline your eBOLs saving time and money.

The availability of electronic bills of lading (eBOLs) data has tripled in recent years, providing fast information. Electronic bills of lading are often available within minutes of loading at the terminal. However, there is no consistency throughout the industry in sources and formats for eBOLs. Lack of continuity makes it difficult to integrate the eBol information into your back-office systems. DTN Fuel Admin automates all of your eBOLs data for seamless accessibility.


Added features for increased efficiency and savings.

Electronic bills of lading make your downstream fuel market operations easier in several ways. They help eliminate errors, hasten the transfer of data, and automate many of your processes. One of the most pressing business demands today is the ability to integrate eBOLs data into back-office accounting systems efficiently. However, the industry uses different sources, codes, formats, and terminology. These inconsistencies affect your ability to operate effectively and earn money.

DTN Fuel Admin solves this problem for your business with:

  • Robust Analysis – DTN Fuel Admin gathers, aggregates, formats, and cross-references eBOLs. This power gives you access within minutes and eliminates the need to deal with multiple data formats.
  • Accelerated Invoicing – The streamlined delivery of data removes duplicates and allows you to improve your customer payment and credit management.
  • Simple Interface – Quickly find the information you need with the user-friendly dashboard.
  • Customizable Content – Regardless of which back-office system you use, DTN Fuel Admin allows you to customize its fields to suit your content needs. You have access to a document archive that you can search and filter as needed.
  • Solve Discrepancies – Identify missing eBOLs faster and centralize your cross-reference mapping to save time and money.


Access data quickly and streamline processes, keeping costs down and profit up.

The design of DTN Fuel Admin streamlines your eBOLs to save you time and make you more money. It is incredibly easy to use, and it automates the flow of eBOL data into your accounting system. No matter which method you use, Fuel Admin delivers the precise information you need, saving you thousands of dollars in costs. You will:

  • Add time back into your day. DTN Fuel Admin gathers, aggregates, formats, and cross-references your eBOL data, so you don’t have to.
  • Scale the product to your business. DTN Fuel Admin can handle as many transactions and invoicing processes as you need. With personalization and customizable fields, DTN Fuel Admin works for you.
  • No longer will you need to spend time mapping and gathering your eBOL data. You will not have to search out and fix duplicates. The enhanced efficiency you’ll enjoy with Fuel Admin will boost your bottom line and grow your profit.
  • Seamlessly streamline your setup. Supplier invoices and BOLs move to the back office without a hitch. If the quantity on the invoice matches that of the BOL, the system can make the payment automatically.

Customers who use DTN Fuel Admin will save thousands of dollars in upfront costs and substantially reduce their ongoing maintenance of mapping data. They’ll also benefit from accelerated billing processes, enhanced efficiency, and added profit.

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