Marine Weather API

Easily integrate accurate marine weather data using DTN Marine Weather API

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DTN Marine Weather API offers weather and analytics solutions to the offshore and marine markets. Have the information you need based on our proprietary marine forecasting capabilities and in-house marine weather forecast modeling.

Offshore Platform and Vessel in Bad Weather


Easily integrate DTN marine weather data

  • Access more than 100 different marine weather parameters, including ocean waves, atmospheric and tide data, and more.
  • Offers multiple configuration options on temporal resolution, spatial resolution, forecast ranges, location (shape) requests, and data formats (CVS, XML, JSON, TXT, NETCDF).
  • 24/7 support from our experts, including 200 meteorologists in operations weather rooms worldwide, master mariners, marine scientists, and global customer support teams.
  • 2D spectral wave data – enable vessel motion and workability forecasting with our high-resolution, full-spectral wave data for any location worldwide.
  • Map layers that increase confidence in making decisions through better visualization of your operations relating to weather. Our fully flexible API uses the latest cloud and vector tiling technologies to deliver ultra-fast, smooth map views.
Offshore Anchor Handling


DTN Marine Weather API provides access to our extensive, focused, and constantly verified marine weather data.

DTN Marine Weather API allow easy integration of our weather data into in-house solutions and platforms. Proactive consultation and tools keep you on top of adverse weather impacts for your exact locations. Confidently make the informed decisions necessary for the flawless execution of offshore operations.

  • Integrating the most robust forecast data drives better decisions. It executes your digitalization initiatives and more excellent value from your enterprise investments.
  • Access the most current insights. Our latest cloud technology and verification processes power our suite of high-resolution global and regional marine forecast models.
  • Enjoy enhanced weather forecast accuracy, precision that yields cost savings, and improved staff and asset safety.
  • Ensure that all marine data is in sync with your DTN Offshore solutions.
  • Have greater peace of mind with 24/7 support from our marine weather experts.