RWIS Data Management System

Manage All Your Roadway Data in One Interface

DTN provides a single interface that allows you to consult with meteorologists, plan and position crews more effectively, troubleshoot your RWIS network, and more.


Our cloud-based single platform.

Total View is a cloud-based single platform solution that requires no hardware and integrates seamlessly with your preferred RWIS sensors. It processes data collected from your RWIS system, including past and present road weather information, to provide you with the most accurate, location-specific forecasts available.

  • Scans data collected by your RWIS sensors.
  • It ingests the data, runs it through quality control, and outputs the findings in the WeatherSentry platform and mobile applications.
  • The client is always the full owner of the data, with DTN serving only as the data manager, therefore there are no restrictions to client-directed data access.
  • Customized with your own rules and specifications.
  • Patented alerting technology keeps you abreast of potentially hazardous situations.
  • Information can be shared with third parties, including local traffic agencies and national agencies like the National Weather Service.


Efficient data sharing for improved decision support.

DTN makes it easier than ever for you to make safe, smart decisions about whether or not to deploy those vehicles, pre-treat those streets, or keep your crew off the road until the storm passes.

  • Improve weather-related strategies for and responses to significant events.
  • Gain a single comprehensive view of your entire service area.
  • Troubleshoot and maintain your RWIS network.
  • Sensor flexibility allows freedom in selecting future RWIS hardware for upgrades and new installations by supporting any brand of hardware using NTCIP or a published data format. This includes RWIS from Lufft, Vaisala, Campbell Scientific, High Sierra, Boschung and others.

Our total solution means you have the most accurate weather forecasts available and the precise information you need to keep things running smoothly, from everyday operations to major weather events, while keeping everyone safe.

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