MetStorm® Post-Storm Precipitation Analysis

Enhance post-storm evaluations with precision precipitation analytics from MetStorm

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Innovative software reconstructs storm precipitation with incredible detail and accuracy. Hydrologists, insurance companies, and city planners rely on robust data for post-storm assessments. Advanced storm precipitation datasets provide expert tools for analysis and planning.

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Utilize thorough precipitation analytics from multiple sets of data

MetStorm® integrates data from radar, satellite, and precipitation gauge equipment to create supportive post-storm analytics. Receive expert climatology analysis and judgment in a seamless high-resolution dataset.

  • Gridded Quantitative Precipitation Estimates (QPE) – Data allows for detailed grids of precipitation across varied terrain.
  • Dual-Polarimetric Data – With both a horizontal and vertical orientation, dual-pol estimates are significantly more accurate than previous data.
  • Depth-Area-Duration Plots – These data represent the average rainfall amounts over various area sizes for different durations of time.
  • Accounts for Complex Terrain – MetStorm uses intelligent algorithms and basemap grids to resolve data accurately in areas where radar doesn’t work effectively.
  • Informed Analytics – With data from 1-hour and even 5-minute readings, DTN provides hyper-local and timely post-storm analysis.
  • Vast Range of Uses – From insurance claims to media reports, MetStorm® analytics provide detailed information to all who need it.
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Gain expert knowledge to inform your decision-making

Assess and analyze with authority and confidence after an extreme precipitation event. DTN combines expertise, knowledge, tools, and data to provide the industry’s best storm precipitation reconstructions.

  • Confidence in the Data – MetStorm® can reconstruct any storm in any location to provide you with vast data to guide your plans and processes.
  • Trustworthy Research – DTN offers more than 25 years of research, development, and expertise to back up its analytics.
  • Empowered Decision-Making – Consult directly with the storm analyst or Certified Consulting Meteorologist to understand the results.
  • Utilize Relevant Data – Get customized files to meet your needs and applications. Don’t get bogged down in unnecessary information.
  • Streamline Post-Storm Processes – With the highest quality data, you can quickly and efficiently disseminate information and act upon it.

Use WeatherOps and our expert meteorologists to monitor your assets. We provide live, personal consulting before and during weather impacts anywhere on the globe. You will be prepared and equipped to deal with any weather that comes your way.

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