Energy Event Index (EEI)

Use Your Operational Thresholds to Visualize Weather Risk

Add an Energy Event Index threat risk forecast to improve internal communication of weather risk, make better operational and response decisions, and improve emergency preparedness.


A customized weather risk index.

We provide a visualization of weather risk in an Energy Event Index (EEI) that is customized to your operations and uses the weather thresholds that matter most to your Utility. Set it up to forecast wind, heavy snow or ice, flooding and more.

  • A 1 thru 5 categorization of weather impacts for up to the next 10 days.
  • Customized to each utility’s service territory districts and decision triggers.
  • Index includes meteorologist’s forecast confidence level.
  • Includes 24/7 phone consulting as a complimentary service.
  • In addition to email reports, the weather risk index is completely integrated into WeatherSentry allowing users to see the complete weather forecast.


Visualize and understand weather risk.

The index helps you make better crew planning decisions to improve storm preparedness and ensures the right amount of resources are available for restoration for all weather-induced outages.

  • Better staffing decisions.
  • Improved emergency preparedness.
  • Faster restoration, better customer satisfaction.
  • Improved internal communication of risk.
  • Dealing with public utility commissions.

Use EEI to improve communications about the expected impact of major weather events to your operations team and others in your organization. Make better crew decisions for weekend and on-call deployment.