Severe & Tropical Weather Suite

Prepare and react effectively with proactive severe weather alerting and decision support services.

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DTN expert meteorologists monitor your assets globally and provide live, personal consulting and tailored decision aids before and during severe weather impacts such as squalls, tropical cyclones, and high winds & seas.


Alerts and decision aids to react effectively

Receive daily alerts for extreme weather conditions. In case tropical storms develop, you will receive detailed alerts up to ten days in advance allowing you time to plan for a smart and safe course of action. DTN’s patented alerting technologies provide hazardous weather detection, prediction, and decision analytics deliverable via email, web, mobile, text message, APls and GIS layers.

Severe Weather Alerts – Based on your criteria and preferences, DTN forecasters monitor your global locations 24/7 and issue alerts and additional consultation when warranted.

  • MetWatch – Based on your criteria and preferences, DTN forecasters monitor your global locations 24/7 and issue severe weather alerts and additional consultation when warranted.
  • Lightning Alerts – Our systems provide real-time lightning proximity alerting including “all-clear” notifications for point and areal locations.
  • Squall Outlooks – With high-resolution satellite imagery, global precision lightning, and ground radar, we detect and track the development of convective systems, alerting you to any threats.
  • Tropical Daily Planner – DTN issues a seven-day forecast summary twice a day showing active tropical systems, investigation areas, and tropical waves, including development potential, movement, and a defined track. 8-15 Day Extended Outlooks are also provided.
  • Active Storm Advisory – Track and intensity tropical cyclone forecasts along with detailed discussions of the forecast reasoning and likely impacts. DTN issues pre-formation advisories for tropical features likely to develop into cyclones. Our initial forecasts originate, on average, 50 hours before the local authority (e.g. NHC, JTWC).
  • Enhanced Tropical Decision Guidance – We connect tropical cyclone threats to your site-specific emergency response and action plans. These reports are designed to provide a direct assessment of the impact and specific timings of the threat.


Operate longer, shut down properly, and resume responsibly

DTN’s proactive consultation and tools allow you to stay ahead of adverse weather impacts for your exact locations, enabling shutdowns and evacuations if necessary, to be executed flawlessly.

  • Receive onboard, at the office, on the go, or embedded within your internal applications.
  • Alerts and reports tailored to your operational thresholds.
  • Enhance safety by making informed decisions and avoid environmental disasters.
  • Minimize costs and limit downtime caused by adverse weather conditions.
  • 24/7 Access to our expert team of meteorologists ensures you have the information you need to maintain safe, efficient operations no matter the situation.

Prepare, protect, and profit with information that pin-points exact timing and impact of severe weather events.

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