Keep tabs on your fuel allocations and credit extension with DTN TABS.

Manage your petroleum business with real-time control using DTN TABS to segment your customers and provide authorization for fuel dispensation and credit extension. Whether your terminals are proprietary or third-party, you can manage allocation from a centralized hub and control both access and risk.

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TABS Add Ons

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Supply Event

Increase efficiencies by better managing supply issues with automated alerts to your impacted customers.

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Simplify and strengthen product demand forecasting at the rack. Ensure you have the right amount of product to meet your customer’s needs.

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Load Assist Dashboard

Keep drivers moving, wherever you’re working. Find and fix loading issues, anywhere, anytime.

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Enhanced Credit Module

Effectively manage your credit risk and ensure your credit enforcement is accurate.

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Protect your product and your bottom line with real-time control of your terminals.

Use TABS from DTN to manage your petroleum business with real-time control over who has access to fuel and how much. Product allocations have never been easier to set — or to change — than when using DTN TABS. Protect your percentages and mitigate credit-extension risk controlling specific terminals, groups of terminals, or your entire system.

DTN TABS offers centralized, automated real-time control over product allocations and credit across both proprietary and third-party terminals.

  • Easy Integration – DTN TABS is supported by more than 95 percent of today’s terminal automation systems.
  • Segmentation – You choose which terminals, customers, or types of fuel are available or impacted by your management strategies.
  • Centralized Operations – From one interface, you can view, change, or manage your terminals.
  • Optimized Inventory Management – Monitor supply and avoid holding excess inventory or falling below critical levels.
  • Lift Control – Control who can lift from your terminals, and in what quantities and intervals.
  • Automated Billing – Immediate, accurate, and streamlined billing after lifts.
  • Data Analysis – Tools to analyze your positions, predict trends, spot problems, make better decisions and improve your margins.
  • Real-Time Control – Monitor rack demand and make adjustments based on variables you determine.
  • Proactive Alerts – Know precisely when supplies are reaching critical levels or other conditions important to your business.
  • Customized Notifications – Choose SMS or email alerts and who should receive them.


Control your inventory and market position at any time, from a central location.

Use DTN TABS to authorize or deny any customer attempting to load fuel at one of your terminals. You define the controls to determine who, how much, where, and when someone can load fuel. Automate the production of bills of lading and invoicing, while integrating with your terminal management systems.

  • Reduce credit exposure and bad debt write-offs by controlling who is lifting and how much.
  • Validate allocation supply before dispensing fuel.
  • Verify credit of a customer before authorizing a load.
  • Eliminate inventory runs that compromise your supply allocations.
  • Maintain a reliable supply for your customers.
  • Improve your working capital with optimized inventory management.
  • Expedite invoicing with real-time bills of lading.
  • Stay on top of systems, issues, and supply with customized alert notifications.
  • Take advantage of market opportunities by knowing your current precise positions.
  • Proactively manage supply and avoid critical exhaustion or being forced to purchase at higher prices.
  • Optimize your margins by being aware of pricing strategies and market segmentation.
  • Quickly adapt to changing conditions with the touch of a button.
  • Control your operations from a central location.
  • Implement incentivized pricing and discounts to segmented customers who meet your criteria.
  • Reduce errors and save time with automated and integrated information.
  • Lower costs with streamlined and accurate automated billing processes.
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DTN serves as the digital hub for refined fuels customers, connecting refiners, terminals, carriers, wholesalers, and end customers across North America. The fuel industry’s major suppliers trust DTN to help them manage their operations efficiently and effectively.

TABS from DTN puts you in control of your petroleum business. From your desktop, you can manage multiple terminal locations and thousands of customers, improving your inventory control, pricing flexibility, risk mitigation, and client service.

Contact us for a free demo and get started keeping TABS on your business today.

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