Meteorological Consulting for Utilities

Meteorologist Support for the Utility Industry

When you feel like the hard numbers and maps aren’t giving you the full story, DTN meteorologists will ensure you’re equipped with the confidence and information you need and help you make more informed decisions to better protect your crews, assets, and bottom line.


Meteorology consulting for the utility industry.

Weather consultation is becoming increasingly important for Utility operations and response teams. Trust our expert meteorologists to help you make smarter decisions. They’re ready to discuss the what, where, why and how behind the weather and their forecasts and consult on difficult weather decisions.

  • Seven Certified Consulting Meteorologists (CCMs).
  • 70 Professional Meteorologists.
  • 24 x 7 x 365 Support.
  • 3 Global Operations Centers.


Increased confidence in your decisions.

Consult with our professional meteorologists to better predict when and where severe weather will affect your service territory, allowing you to staff appropriately and restore power fast without excessive cost.

  • Get customized forecasts for your service territory, aligned to your utility’s storm categories and other practices.
  • Consult directly with meteorologists to understand the scenarios of what is likely and possible.
  • Get customized, long-range outlooks.
  • Respond with confidence backed by a professional meteorologist.
  • Receive post-storm analysis.

Our meteorologists rely on statistically accurate forecast models and weight the accuracy of those models over time, but there are occasionally situations that call for more hands-on forecasting. They are working around the clock to continuously refine weather insight before it’s even provided to you.

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