Blast Dispersion Modeling

A blast dispersion modeling service, integrating environmental monitoring and site-specific forecasting

Laptop Mining Blast Dispersion

Our blast dispersion modeling considers your site’s specific environmental input and forecasts, giving you the option to simulate blasts and report on proposed and actual outcomes.

Blast Debris and Dust Features Benefits


Clearly-visualized modeling to support planning

Make informed decisions on when to blast. Our blast dispersion modeling enables a scientific, visual understanding of blast events, expected trajectory, and pollutant concentrations.

An integrated, intelligent solution – We offer trusted blast dispersion modeling customized to your mining site. This dispersion solution takes precise weather forecasts, topography, pollutants, and legislative requirements into account to inform your blast decisions.

Observe blast simulations – run simulations in advance, analyze the projected outlook and identify the best weather window.

Visualize pollutant trajectory and intensity – through simulations, you can visualize the trajectory and intensity of pollutants within the environment, local forecast, and pre-set thresholds. Dust monitors and Tapered Element Oscillating Microbalance (TEOM) heighten accuracy. With a clear, projected outcome, you can pinpoint the best time to blast.

Site-specific inputs are considered – the model considers your geofenced mine, elevation, azimuth, the quantity of explosives to be used, and any weather station or receiver data in your setup to ensure a precise projection.

Ease of visualization – all data for your environmental observations and blast simulations are intelligently presented and archived to keep comprehension simple.

Blast forecast accuracy – underpinned by OptiCast®, the globally proven forecasting solution, you can be assured your blast is supported by a hyperlocal forecast of rainfall, wind, and inversion layers to ensure precise projections.

Comprehensive reporting capability – our cloud-based, fully auditable report trails assist you in fulfilling your license and legislative requirements. As blasts are executed, supervisors can add their pre- and post-blast observations to ensure requirements are met.

Fume Management Zone (FMZ) tool – create customized FMZs within your system, enabling you to plan and mitigate risk. A logical traffic light system indicates whether your simulated blast creates pollutants above or below pre-set thresholds at any virtual or existing monitors.

Mining Blast Features Benefits


Gain the complete picture of blast outcomes

Since each blast is costly, both environmentally and productively, we offer comprehensive analysis to underpin your choices. Let us remove the guesswork, creating assurance.

Make informed critical decisions – our modeling supports and provides a rationale when making decisions. It delivers easy-to-interpret reports on projected outcomes and actionable insights.

Consolidate your solutions – the blast dispersion modeling is delivered via Miningzone, your customizable, industry-specific interface. Your forecasting, modeling, and alerting solutions are all easily accessible in one place.

Gain valuable foresight through simulations – you can project forward, testing for the optimal time to blast. The simulations and their accompanying data save you time, guide your decisions, and can improve environmental, safety, and financial outcomes.

Access clear and concise intelligence – despite our modeling integrating complex data, it is presented to you in concise, visual reports. These are easy to comprehend, auditable, and underpin clear decision-making.

Protect your team’s health and safety – having a projected blast outcome and clearly showing plumes and pollutant concentrations will enable you to keep your teams out of harm’s way when it is time to blast.

Reduce environmental risk – reduce environmental risk and community impact with a precise and complete picture of pollutant levels, directions, and expected blast day forecasts.

Rely on proven accuracy – mining sites already use our modeling worldwide. Benefit from a trusted solution that delivers in its efforts to expertly forecast your blast outcomes. You gain the tools and analytics to make the most effective decisions on when to blast.

Make decisions on when to blast, informed by a comprehensive, integrated dispersion forecasting solution that leaves nothing to chance.

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