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Make smarter fuel buying decisions with real-time market data and news.

With global markets and multiple price changes daily due to weather, demand, capacity, and other variables, today’s fuel buyers need reliable, up-to-the-minute information to respond to conditions and satisfy customers. When you’re away from your desk, the market doesn’t wait for you to come back. Keep your business on the move with DTN Fuel Suites Mobile, our powerful new iOS and Android app. FREE with your DTN Fuel Buyer subscription!

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Keep up with the energy market and stay ahead of your competition with DTN Fuel Buyer.

You can’t afford to wait in today’s fast-paced, global fuel markets. Fuel prices change several times each day, as market conditions update. Suppliers change their policies, supply and demand shifts, and different racks are more or less favorable. Without up-to-date, reliable market information and analysis, you lose out on opportunities that your competition then has the chance to snap up.

DTN Fuel Buyer puts you at the forefront of information and on the market’s leading edge with features such as:

  • Real-Time Updates – View market conditions, pricing, and market-impacting weather on one screen to quickly evaluate contracts, supplier prices, outages, resupply and allocation messaging, rack and spot prices, and futures information.
  • News Headlines and Summaries – Get the latest news headlines on the crude oil and refined fuels industry. Know the current events on refinery outages, pipeline problems, or other market-moving events that can erode your profit margins.
  • Tailored Content – Depending on your specific business needs, you can choose what filters to apply to the comprehensive data in Fuel Buyer. The result? Sift through the information to find precisely what you need, saving time and resources.
  • Customized Purchase Options – You choose what variables you are monitoring and set the factors that create an action. Fuel Buyer analyzes and sorts market data based on your conditions and presents actionable opportunities.
  • Automated Price Derivations – Raw data can be calculated according to your specifications to support your contracts and special pricing.
  • Aggregated Data – Use Fuel Buyer to view, analyze, manage, and export prices in your business terms. Review supplier pricing, identify changes and compare intra-day moves.
  • Seamless Data Imports – Information from DTN Fuel Buyer can be seamlessly integrated into your back office, eliminating manual entry and reducing the chance for errors.
  • Real-Time NYMEX Feeds – Add DTN QuotesOnline® to help you monitor futures quotes and access additional analytical tools and interactive charts.


Make better, more timely decisions, for better, more optimized profit.

You need the power of information in the palm of your hand. DTN Fuel Buyer aggregates global market data, the latest industry news and analysis, and supply/demand positions to create a dashboard of information to support your buying decisions. DTN Fuel Buyer delivers the information so you can deliver to your customers and shareholders.

  • Gain access to industry-recognized superior market information and actionable insights to capitalize on opportunities before they pass you by.
  • Around-the-clock access to global markets and shifting data means you can monitor markets and make profitable decisions at any time.
  • Filter complex data to zoom in on the types, locations, and pricing that matters to your business.
  • Never miss a market opportunity by setting price alerts that notify you by phone, email, or audible alarms to take action.
  • Optimize your pricing by adding market data directly into your back-end systems, without manual entry.
  • Save time by getting all the information you need in a single, customizable, interactive interface.
  • Spot trends and advantageous positions faster with real-time updates and get the jump on your competition.

Take fuel buying into your own hands and increase your bottom line.

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With DTN Fuel Buyer by your side, you’ll be able to monitor markets, analyze trends, and spot opportunities, all from a powerful integrated browser interface. With the power of up-to-date news, pricing, and demand, you’ll be able to capitalize on opportunities, beat your competition to the gate, and improve your bottom line. Demystify rack pricing and fuel markets and plan your optimal strategy for fuel buying with DTN Fuel Buyer.

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