Agriculture Experts

Farmers, agribusinesses practitioners and grain marketers across the globe trust DTN and Progressive Farmer. Our experts cover what's happening in the agriculture industry from policy to weather to grain marketing strategies, commodity pricing and more. Progressive Farmer, our premier agrculture magazine with exclusive coverage, has won over 260 industry awards.

Our robust agriculture databases include grower and field-level data on nearly 95% of U.S. producers and daily bid data from 4,000+ elevators. This data helps inform our in-depth analysis on agriculture trends, market demand and farming operations, including sustainable farming practices.

Marco Hunstad leads strategy and direction for delivering relevant and actionable insights to customers across the agriculture value chain. He leverages his 20+ years of experience in grain monitoring and intensive livestock farming with his passion for developing predictive modeling and applicable technology to help foster digital transformation within the industry. Marco holds bachelor’s degrees in commerce and history from the University of Calgary and has founded and led several startups during his career.


John Baranick has been a DTN meteorologist with since 2011. He became the DTN Ag Meteorologist in 2020, heading up the effort to serve farmers and agribusinesses with daily and seasonal weather outlooks, discussions, videos, and audio. He is a frequent speaker at ag events and source for radio programs that are syndicated across the U.S. His weather insights have been received by clients in the aviation, transportation, energy, and agriculture industries worldwide in an effort to provide actionable insights that helps to protect assets and make decisions. John graduated from Iowa State University with a bachelor’s of science degree in meteorology and a minor in agronomy.


Chris Clayton is well-known for his ability to understand and communicate agriculture policy to all audiences. His insights are frequently featured in top agriculture and biofuel publications. His outstanding reporting has been recognized multiple organization including “Writer of the Year” by the American Agricultural Editors’ Association, the Glenn Cunningham Agricultural Journalist of the Year Award and Communicator of the Year by The National Farmers Union and American Coalition for Ethanol. Chris earned his bachelor’s degree in journalism from University of Missouri-Columbia and has been with DTN since 2005.


Todd Hultman provides practical, down-to-earth enjoys markets insights, both through writing and numerous speaking engagements. He also oversees DTN market strategies, which gives customers general guidance for making critical marketing decisions for their farm. After graduating from the University of Nebraska, Todd began his career as a broker with Delta Futures Group in Omaha, where he relied on DTN for news and market quotes. He joined DTN in 2011 and credits the benefits of working with the award-winning DTN newsroom and DTN ProphetX software as important sources of professional support.


Cliff Jamieson has worked primarily as a merchant for the past 25 years in the western Canadian grain industry. He has a passion for the study of the markets and working with producers to help identify and manage potential market risks. He regularly blogs DTN Progressive Famer and shares market information with farmers and agribusinesses. He earned his bachelors degree in agriculture and economics from the University of Saskatchewan and his masters degree in business from Athabasca University. Cliff worked as a commodity trader and a grains market specialist before joining DTN in 2012.


Mary Kennedy has been in the grain business for more than 35 years, specializing in spring and winter wheat, durum, corn, barley, pulse crops, and various other small grains. Her stories and insights are frequently shared in top agriculture publications. She has experience as a commodity buyer in local grain elevators and an ethanol plant. She’s worked in the Minneapolis, Duluth-Superior, and PNW markets as a buyer/merchandiser. Mary has been a member of the North Dakota Grain Dealers Association. She has served on the arbitration committee at the Minneapolis Grain Exchange, secretary of the Durum Industry Advisory Commission and as board member at the Portland Merchants Exchange.


Dana Mantini has 30-plus years of experience in the commodity futures industry. He began as a wheat buyer and cash grain merchandiser for General Mills and International Multifoods. He spent 15 years as an independent member of the Kansas City Board of Trade before joining DTN in 2012 as a proprietary futures/options trader. After writing daily market wires, as well as advising producers on marketing, Dana became a senior market analyst. He brings his rich experience to farmers and agribusinesses looking to understand market positions and marketing strategies. He earned a bachelor’s degree in economics from Amherst College, Maine.


Climate and Weather Experts

DTN delivers sophisticated weather insights that help drive millions of operational decisions worldwide every minute of every day. Our unparalleled weather intelligence includes more than 180 meteorologists worldwide and a global weather data platform that delivers precise, industry-tuned forecasts at more than twice the industry average.

DTN Risk Communicators, who are meteorologists with deep industry expertise, work closely with our customers to help make informed risk management decisions on climate and weather impacts tailored to their business or industry.

Renny Vandewege leads strategy, vision, and direction for the commercial organization in delivering innovative and relevant solutions for DTN customers. As a meteorologist, he focuses on helping businesses become more resilient to the impact of weather events using actionable intelligence. He has delivered dozens of presentations on weather impacts on idustries, reducing risk peril and the future of weather and climate intelligence. His expertise and insights are frequently quoted in the media including the New York Times, NPR and Discovery, and he is a Forbes contributor. Renny serves on the PRIMET Board of Directors and has a bachelor’s degree in meteorology from Northwest Missouri State University and a master’s degree in meteorology from Mississippi State University.


Jim Foerster is one of 250 Certified Consulting Meteorologists (CCM) in the world, who are recognized experts in the application of weather information to multiple practical challenges. He is a Forbes Science contributor and has been quoted numerous times in top media outlets like the BBC and Reuters. As Chief Meteorologist, Jim is responsible for providing oversight and guidance to the DTN Forecast Team, as well as providing key insight for external customers around weather risks and the impacts on communities and the businesses DTN supports. He earned his bachelor’s degree in meteorology from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.


As a DTN on-site meteorologist for premier golf and major events, Brad Nelson assists with heat safety, early detection of lightning, advance warning of thunderstorms, and large-scale weather evacuations to protect players, officials, spectators, and property from harm. He is frequently interviewed for his insights on evolving weather conditions at sporting and public events. He works closely with the DTN Risk Communicator team, an experienced group of meteorologists that specialize in communicating the forecast weather and risk impacts to customer operations, monetary, safety, and logistics. Brad has been with DTN since 2004, upon earning degrees in meteorology and environmental studies from St. Cloud State University in Minnesota.


Nic Wilson, global business leader and product innovator, is on a mission to help build environmentally resilient utilities. Trained as a meteorologist, he has more than 18 years of experience creating solutions that bring together weather modeling, environmental observations, and machine learning to address challenges facing electricity generation and distribution. He has delivered dozens of presentations and been quoted in multiple utility on the topic. Nic earned his master’s in meteorology from the University of Oklahoma and a master’s in business from the Eller College Of Management at the University of Arizona.


Refined Fuels Experts & Energy Analysts

DTN provides the data and market intelligence, backed by industry-leading analysts, to help energy companies operate more efficiently and make better buying, selling and storing decisions. Our analysts track and report on global and national policy issues and market trends that influence the energy supply chain and have real impacts on operations, supply and demand.

DTN is the preferred downstream supply chain optimization vendor with critical insights that are needed for success in the downstream oil & gas supply chain. We manage 95% of the North American supply chain pricing and billing transaction interchange every day and deliver supplier pricing information in real-time for 800+ unique products at more than 1,900 terminals in the United States and Canada.

Ken Evans leads the energy and refined fuels business assuring our solutions continue to deliver exceptional value to customers in this sector. He has more than 30 years across the oil and gas industry, including Global Vice President for Oil & Gas at SAP prior to joining DTN. He earned his bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering from the University of Colorado.


Karim Bastati has nearly a decade of experience in data analysis, spending the last four years in the energy industry interpreting data and building predictive models. He often acts as the central link between quantitative and qualitative research, joining an extensive knowledge of global oil markets with an analytical, numbers-oriented approach. In his previous position as oil market analyst at ClipperData, he modeled several inventory and export projections and delivered data-derived insights to a wide range of clients.

Brian L. Milne, a 27-year veteran of the energy industry, manages DTN’s energy editorial content. Milne has delivered dozens of presentations on a wide range of topics discussing energy markets, and has been quoted widely in the media, including the Wall Street Journal, Barron’s, USA Today, Newsweek, CNN, National Public Radio, and major regional news outlets. He has authored numerous articles for international magazines, exploring market dynamics and providing forward-thinking commentary and analysis. Milne graduated Monmouth University in New Jersey with a bachelor’s degree in history and an interdisciplinary degree in political science (Magna Cum Laude).


Troy Vincent has been in the economic research and energy risk management industry for over a decade, working for large multinationals like Schneider Electric and Ingersoll Rand to innovative technology startups like ClipperData. Troy specializes in crude oil, natural gas, refined products and electricity markets. He is a frequent commentator on MarketWatch, MSN News and has been quoted by CNET, CBS News, Reuters and the International Business Times. His expertise in financial markets, economics, and monetary policy allows him to provide context to energy market developments that go far beyond the headlines. He earned his bachelor’s degree in economics, business and public policy from Indiana University Southeast


Sustainability Experts

DTN provides the data and insights that our customers need to make confident decisions around sustainability. Our in-depth analysis in the agriculture industry includes insights on more 50 sustainable growing characteristics including carbon emissions data across the major ag states in the U.S. This supports and encourages the use of sustainable farming practices from the farm through the food value chain including Scope 3 reporting.

Combined with our robust data and market intelligence in the downstream oil and gas industry, and our industry-leading analysts, we offer critical insights on on the current state of biofuels or alternative fuel options.

Jess Bolinger has more than a decade of experience in the fields of sustainability, public policy, and global programs, including facilitating global partnerships for UNICEF USA. She has presented at multiple sustainability events including The Sustainability Consortium and GSMA Mobile 360.

Jess served as a Pulitzer Fellow consulting for Millennium Village community entity for transition from Millennium Development Goals to Sustainable Development Goals to optimize economic development capacity and poverty reduction strategies. She holds a bachelor’s degree in international relations from Tufts University and a master’s degree in Sustainability Management from Columbia University.



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