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Get access to industry-leading ag market coverage, the latest insights on market prices and strategies, the most accurate weather information, and more with MyDTN.


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A one-stop-shop for ag insights

With MyDTN, you’ll always be at the forefront of changing weather and market conditions. Industry-leading weather forecasts and predictive models give you the edge when it comes to making better decisions for your fields. Know when to spray, when to irrigate, when to harvest. Comprehensive local and global data will provide information for critical decision making.

MyDTN provides:

  • Top-Rated Forecasts – The industry’s top-rated temperature and precipitation forecasts for ten years running, updated at hourly intervals.
  • Market Info Database – The industry’s most extensive database of local grain bids and prices, updated as the market changes.
  • Customizable Alerts – Program MyDTN with alerts for favorable buying or selling opportunities, weather impact, or price fluctuations.
  • Mobile-Friendly -The MyDTN mobile app to bring the power of information wherever you go.
  • Integratable – Fully integrates with other DTN systems for a powerful package of custom data and insights.
  • Keep Up To Date – Proprietary news and market commentary from our award-winning, ag-specific editorial team.
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Optimize your operations and stay informed with MyDTN

With MyDTN, you’ll never be in the dark again when it comes to the agriculture market and the weather. You won’t have to guess about crucial operation decisions, such as when and what to plant, when to spray, and when to irrigate. You’ll have the best data available, whenever you need it. Our customers know they can rely on the industry’s best data, backed by top meteorologists and data analysts.

MyDTN allows you to:

  • Save time with aggregated and consolidated information available in one place.
  • Conduct your business anytime, anywhere, on your schedule.
  • Boost your yields by reducing weather-related risks.
  • Optimize operational decisions with accurate local observations and forecasting tools.
  • Know when oncoming weather will impact your operations.
  • Predict market fluctuations and trends so you can buy low and sell high.
  • Increase profitability with easy to follow, independent insights.
  • Make better decisions using our practical recommendations for futures and cash marketing.
  • Justify and have confidence in your decisions backed by robust data.
  • Plan ahead for better profitability and efficiency.

As an agriculture producer, you know that your expenses need to bring a return. MyDTN has an exceptional return on investment. The information at your fingertips with MyDTN allows you to be more responsive to changing weather and market conditions. You’ll make smarter decisions and capitalize favorably on market opportunities while reducing your risks.

Watch your profits soar with the information provided in MyDTN. Use our ROI calculator to see what a difference data can make.

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