DTN Guardian3™

Connect your terminals and back-office for exceptional insight and control.

Guardian3 from DTN allows you to automate and streamline your operations for real-time inventory reports, lift-control, and bills of lading. Rely on DTN Guardian3 to keep you connected, in control, and in compliance.


Know what’s happening with your terminals at any time.

DTN Guardian3 provides real-time, terminal-specific information and reports to allow you to see what’s going on with inventory, lift, and demand patterns. With the best information at your fingertips, you can work smarter, eliminate excess inventory, and predict usage. You’re also able to efficiently integrate with your back-end systems for reports, orders, and invoices.

There’s a slate of features explicitly designed for refined fuels industry professionals, including:

  • Real-time Inventory – Know your positions at any time.
  • Communication – Share current information with customers, partners, and your headquarters.
  • Event logs – Details on rack-loading activity as well as information on user edits and other changes.
  • Streamlined reports – Reduce the burden of compliance with federal, state, and local regulations.
  • Segmented information – Obtain data by load station, tank, and more.
  • Integrated view – See, at-a-glance, tank levels, temperature, and other critical data.
  • Open system – Allow all of your tank-gauging vendors to work together and view real-time data for seamless operations.
  • Control billing – Generate bills of lading and control lifts in real-time.
  • Remote views – Know what’s happening at your terminals and tanks without leaving your office.


Have smarter terminal operations for maximized throughput and profit.

DTN Guardian3 is a one-stop solution for terminal management and reporting. With this flexible, highly configurable terminal automation system, you have unmatched security for your critical infrastructure as well as the ability to integrate with your enterprise back-end operations. You’ll also be a part of a global support network of refined fuels analysts and experts to assist you with your operations.

With DTN Guardian3, terminal operators can:

  • Increase throughput by monitoring capacity and locating opportunity.
  • Maximize profits through immediate billing and nimble price adjustment.
  • Ensure security, safety, and compliance across terminals.
  • Empower stakeholders with real-time information and controls.
  • Optimize inventory and demand management.
  • Anticipate shortages and communicate effectively or reroute supplies.
  • Prevent downtime.
  • Capture data insights for segmentation analysis and gap management.
  • Provide optimal customer service.

The intuitive, new PC4 driver interface

To further reduce load times and errors, DTN Guardian3 offers the new PC4 driver interface. Its large, intuitive touch screen delivers optimal visibility, even in bright conditions.

The PC4 ensures faster, secure entry for drivers — which cuts load time and boosts throughput. That means less wait time and smoother customer experiences — increasing satisfaction. Data entry errors are also diminished, helping to decrease rebilling costs.

DTN Guardian3 helps today’s refined fuel terminal operators to operate more efficiently than ever. With Guardian3 installed on your terminals, trucks load faster, allowing you to move more vehicles in and out of your facility.

Your throughput increases and so do your profits. Automatic bills of lading and integrated invoicing help you stay on top of credit extensions and cash flow. You’ll be providing better customer service while also reducing your costs.

Contact one of our refined fuel specialists and schedule a free demo of DTN Guardian 3 today.

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