DTN Exchange®

Be more competitive with critical, real-time pricing data via an online trading platform.

You understand that every second counts in the fuel industry. Prices can suddenly jump or fall, leaving everyone scrambling. If you don’t adjust quickly, you end up behind the market, watching your competitors capitalize on your valuable opportunities. Pivot and profit with help from DTN Exchange.

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Maximize your profitability by streamlining your time and effort.

Make confident decisions more quickly with DTN Exchange’s smart, actionable insights. Easily find — and get — the best prices and achieve your business needs. With real-time access to live markets at your fingertips, there’s no time spent waiting, and you can eliminate your market exposure and risk with its robust operations management tools.

Boost your business confidence with:

  • Pricing Index Calculators – Replicate your proprietary pricing formulas for buying on DTN Exchange. Link the formulas to real-time tick averages from the NYMEX to create live prices with embedded profit margins — these prices can move throughout the day without the risk of losing value.
  • Effective Communication – Use a live, open channel to communicate with as many qualified potential buyers and sellers as you want, any time.
  • Tailored Strategies – Learn what your customers and partners are planning and adjust your business strategy to match.
  • Automated Transaction Data –  DTN Exchange can automatically facilitate transactional information between buyers and sellers, saving valuable time and eliminating errors associated with manual input.
  • Minimized Risks – Limit your exposure to loss by creating short-term contracts and successfully navigating volatile markets.
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Operate your business with confidence and efficiency for maximum profit.

Make your best possible decisions and limit your exposure and risk with DTN Exchange. You can act quickly to position yourself for success within the market. By offering the best prices based on the most accurate information, both you and your partners win.

Move ahead of the competition by taking advantage of:

  • Integrate your back-office efficiently. The platform’s sophisticated capabilities make it easy to add transactions into your back-office processes.
  • Receive instant notifications of critical, real-time data. For example, you’ll receive an immediate notification of trades, along with a trading report that tracks your transactions.
  • Lock in fuel prices. Although fuel prices fluctuate throughout the day, marketers can take advantage of the DTN Exchange real-time transactions by locking a price in any market environment.
  • Dispose of distressed inventory at the highest possible price (or snatch bargains of movable product) with just a few clicks.
  • Deploy robust management tools. Set pricing variables and purchase limits to keep your business in balance while broadening your business foundation.
  • Secure favorable prices and lifting terms. You can minimize the impact of price changes and ensure the product will be available when your carrier arrives at the racks.
  • Easily monitor trades. Instant alerts and a detailed report help you keep on top of all of your transactions.

Drive increased operational efficiencies with DTN Exchange. As a result, both suppliers and wholesalers can reap significant benefits. Request a demo of DTN Exchange and see for yourself the difference it can make for your organization.

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