Why DTN?

DTN has the most comprehensive weather expertise in the world. We have teams of forecasters dedicated to working with our sports, public safety and events customers. We have added in this layer of expertise and focus to ensure that you have the real-time information you need to make decisions in time to issue alerts and activate evacuation plans, if necessary. We have teams of meteorologists working hand-in-hand with you, either on-site at your event or from our offices with a clear view of your location and the weather around it. With the best lightning detection networks, over 50 actionable alerts, and the industry-leading Wet Bulb Globe Temperature updates, we help keep all of your events, activities and municipalities running smoothly and safely. Our venue or location-specific data gives you all the information you need to make safety and business decisions.

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From the first day of event planning through post-event recaps, we are there with you along the way, providing up-to-date weather forecasts and considerations for addressing changing conditions quickly.

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Our solutions feature the best lightning detection network and most advanced alerting systems available in the world so we can help you identify and issue alerts when severe lightning may disrupt your operations.

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We include Wet Bulb Globe Temperatures in our forecast and offer weather stations and Air Quality sensors and alerts, to help you make decisions about the environmental conditions during outdoor practices, games and other events.

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DTN has 180 meteorologists, stationed throughout the world and backed by more than 20,000 weather stations in our global network. That’s how we provide the most accurate, hyper-local forecasts available in the world.

Meteorological Expertise To Stay Ahead Of The Weather

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Plan And Operate Your Sports, Events and Municipalities With Confidence
Our dedicated sports and safety meteorology team works alongside your team from the early days of planning through to the final post-event review. Our teams go beyond just outlooks and forecasts – many of our team members participate in planning and tabletop exercises to truly prepare everyone on your team for what happens if the weather changes. When the severe weather comes, we are there with you, providing real-time updates and guidance to help you make the right weather-related decisions.

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Be Alerted When Weather Changes
We provide you the clear, concise data with actionable insights you need to keep your community safe. With our solutions, you can view real-time weather information for your location, including accurate forecasts, precision lightning, wet bulb globe forecasts, storm corridor information, and so much more. We know you have many areas of your community to monitor at any given time; that’s why we offer our real-time weather alerts for more than 50 different weather warnings. That ensures you can make decisions quickly, no matter where you are when weather strikes.

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Avoid The Heat
Heat stress is a very real, very common threat to athletes — and a significant safety issue for trainers, coaches, and managers. The best way to understand the impact of hot weather on your athletes or staff is to have access to a Wet Bulb Globe Temperature. It is a more comprehensive and reliable measure of the impact on the human body than the heat index or “feels-like” factor. We provide Wet Bulb Globe Temperature forecasts and data to ensure that you have the most comprehensive, accurate account of the heat’s impact on your operations.

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Connect Directly With Sports, Safety, And Events Weather Experts
Professional meteorologists from DTN are available online or over the phone to answer your most pressing weather questions. They provide advance notice of severe weather headed for your site. They also provide valuable seasonal outlooks so you can plan far in advance. Ultimately, our team allows you and your team to assess risks, make critical decisions and increase safety – for your event, your attendees and your employees.

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How We Delight Our Customers

Hear directly from our customers on how weather intelligence from DTN positively impacts their operations.

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Expert Analysis And Trends

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How Notre Dame Stays Ahead Of The Weather
The team meteorologist at the University of Notre Dame works closely with DTN to gain insight into weather conditions. They leverage our solutions, including on-site meteorologists for key events, to improve safety and confidence in their weather-related decisions.

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Why You Need An Event Weather Plan
Public safety is a top priority for you and your staff when it comes to outdoor events. Creating a comprehensive weather-related safety plan, in partnership with a degreed meteorologist can help you identify where you might have opportunities to improve your plan. When you have an event safety plan and you monitor real-time weather information, you can better mitigate risks and keep your attendees safe.

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Are you curious about what’s coming in the next season? If so, you’ll want to tune in to our long-range forecast webinars that outline the seasonal forecast for locations throughout the world.

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From seasonal outlooks and updates on trending weather topics, our experts cover it all. Follow along to get the latest information from the DTN weather experts.

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