Meteorological Consulting for Helicopters

Get meteorological advice and decision support from professionals who know helicopter operations.

Helicopter flight is unique, and you need your weather forecasts to match. When you’re deciding whether a flight is a go or no-go, you need to justify your decision with reliable data. Cancellations are costly, but not as much as a crash. You need to protect your pilots, your passengers, and your bottom line, under changing weather conditions. With DTN Meteorology Consulting, you can contact a weather expert any time, day or night to talk through the decision and get precise data to support it.


Expert DTN meteorologists at your side, helping you evaluate the weather and fly safely.

Making the right decisions for helicopter operations can mean the difference between life and death. You need the support of DTN Meteorology Consulting. When you’re facing a weather-related decision, and you’re not sure what to do, there are 70 expert meteorologists available to consult with you. You’ll have the confidence of knowing your decision is backed by knowledgeable meteorological professionals who have access to the most accurate and comprehensive weather data available.

DTN Meteorological Consulting features:

  • Proprietary Forecasts – Get the information you can’t get anywhere else.
  • Patented Technologies – Modeling tools and measurement technology provide the most sophisticated analysis.
  • Around-the-Clock Access – Talk to a professional meteorologist 24/7/365, either online or by phone.
  • RAMTAF Support – Our experts thoroughly understand Real-Time Atmospheric Monitor Terminal Area Forecast (RAMTAF) and the aviation industry, including helicopter pilots’ unique needs.
  • Multiple Points of Contact – More than 70 degreed meteorologists and 7 Certified Consulting Meteorologists in three global operations centers are available to meet your needs.
  • Real-Time Atmospheric Monitoring – Our meteorologists can assist before and during a flight to ensure you and your passengers are safe.
  • Route-Based Forecasts – Instead of generic weather forecasts, you’ll get a forecast along your specific route, and at multiple altitudes.


Ensure conditions are safe for flight and support go/no-go decisions.

Consult with our professional meteorologists to predict when and where severe weather will affect your flights. Use proprietary forecasts and models to make the best decisions possible. Take action sooner and devise routes based on our forecasts and recommendations.

At any time, you can reach one of our meteorologists online or over the phone to answer your weather-related questions. When you need professional weather insight, DTN is always here for you.

With Meteorology Consulting from DTN, you can:

  • Make decisions faster after an expert consultation.
  • Stay on schedule and avoid costly delays.
  • Understand weather conditions along your route not just at take-off and landing.
  • Reroute or replan using up-to-date weather information.
  • Understand weather conditions at multiple altitudes, so you know where dangers are.
  • Use long-range forecasts for better scheduling.
  • Consultation before and during flight as conditions change.
  • Reduce financial losses from non-billable turnarounds and hangar movements.
  • Increase revenue by scheduling flights during safe weather conditions.

At any time, you can consult with one of our meteorologists online or over the phone to answer your most pressing weather-related questions. If you need professional weather insight, know that DTN is always here for you.

Get connected with our expert meteorologists today!

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