Increase efficiency with weather-based runway treatment decisions

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The number one priority for airports is aircraft safety. Aircrafts are not allowed to land when runway friction is too low, a problem that occurs more frequently when the temperature drops. It’s not easy to make the right decision at the right time to mitigate the effects of winter weather on runways, taxiways, aprons and airport roads. It requires careful planning.

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Maximize runway availability and safety during winter weather by making informed treatment decisions

RunwayMaster’s web portal highlights runway hazards. Its dashboard features an overview of observations, forecasts and hazard warnings.

  • Runway hazard overview– Keep informed about hazard warnings for the lowest runway surface temperatures, black ice, (heavy) hoar frost, snow, sleet and freezing rain.
  • Action log – Record and report decisions about de-icing actions.
  • WMO observations, METAR and TAFS – Have access to the official, airport-specific weather observation reports and forecasts.
RunwayMaster commercial airplane being directed on runway heavy blowing snow


Maximize runway availability while securing aircraft safety

RunwayMaster helps Airport Operations and Field Maintenance Managers to maximize runway availability while securing aircraft safety. It does this by providing winter weather observations, runway surface temperature and condition forecasts and historic data to support informed de-icing decisions.

  • Secure runway safety Use hyper-local data highlighting the lowest runway surface temperatures, black ice, (heavy) hoar frost, snow, sleet and freezing rain to make informed de-icing decisions and avoid unnecessary treatments.
  • Minimize flight delays and cancellations Get expert advice from meteorologists who have winter maintenance-specific experience, including knowledge about the emergence of different types of icy conditions.
  • Improve treatment operations • Access runway-specific weather models showing location-specific runway temperatures and condition forecasts in hourly time steps for the next 36 hours, and 3-hourly time steps for the next 5 days.

Monitor and treat your runways while preventing the accumulation of ice with highly accurate runway surface-temperature monitoring. RunwayMaster provides you with radar-type forecasts, ice warnings and snowfall details.

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