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News Insights Colonial Pipeline
What the Colonial Pipeline cyberattack means for energy markets

The U.S. government declared a regional emergency on Saturday as the largest fuel pipeline system in the United States remained largely shut down, two days after a major ransomware attack was detected.

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News Insights Field Posts Podcast
Ep 51: Autonomous Machines Take to the Field

Technologies that have been discussed for years are finally making their way into farmer’s hands, and the industry is already looking ahead to the next iteration. Discover how farmers are responding as they adopt the latest innovations and what might be next in this fast-evolving space.

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News Insights Webinar
2021 UK & Ireland Summer Weather Outlook for Aviation, Sports & Safety and Utilities Professionals

Please join us for our UK & Ireland Summer Weather Outlook webinar, where we’ll release our long-range forecast with regional outlooks and discuss the expected meteorological impacts.

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News Insights Gas Pump
History of Downstream Industry Resiliency

What are the key challenges and impacts the U.S. energy industry has faced? Our infographic will test your knowledge.

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