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Jet Fuel’s Labor Day Letdown as a Cautionary Tale

When Warren Buffett and Berkshire Hathaway announced they had sold the entirety of a more than $4 billion position in U.S. airlines because of the coronavirus back in early May, the decision was met with thunderous debate and scrutiny.

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E19: Cab of Future or Drones or Autonomous Planting

Today we catch up with Progressive Farmer’s Joel Reichenberger to discuss how, in 2020, farmers can start to put that tech to the test.

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Forbes: Private Weather & National Weather Service

With more and more extreme weather events around the globe, having the resources of both the public and private weather services benefits businesses and consumers alike.

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Post-Hurricane Laura EIA Data Paints Grim Picture for Oil

Weekly U.S. Petroleum Status data from the EIA has been choppy in recent weeks amid major storms that shut in production and refinery operations and disrupted import/export activity along the Gulf Coast.

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