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Counting Chickens and Other Operational Forecasting Risks

Real-time market data is the key for both AI and for organizations to take advantage of opportunities and make solid business decisions.

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Programmatic Advertising
Why a Holistic Approach to Advertising is the Key to Success in 2024

Learn how a holistic advertising approach that includes both digital and traditional media tactics is tackling the modern challenges of agribusiness marketing.

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Cars driving in water on highway
Atmospheric Rivers Have Major Economic Impact

Atmospheric rivers are counted on for annual precipitation. However, storms like those in California are bringing economic and infrastructure hardships. Meteorologist Jim Foerster explains.

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Case Study
How to Predict and Prepare

The sooner, the better. For utilities, preparing for outages is a race against the clock. See how quickly Nor’easters can cause disruptions, while utilities are using predictive technology to be prepared.

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