Opticast delivers hyperlocal, precision forecasting, optimizing your operational response to the weather

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Gain profitable advantages from next-generation weather intelligence for your mining site. With trusted nowcasting and 14-day forecasts, you can mitigate safety risks and capitalize on favorable weather windows.

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Weather solutions customized to your operations

Opticast intelligently adapts to your mine site, using local observations to verify real-time information. It delivers actionable weather insights globally, advancing safety, planning, and productivity.

Industry-leading solution – Weatherzone Business, a DTN company, developed Opticast, one of Australia’s most trusted forecasting solutions. It has been independently verified to outperform similar systems, delivering precise data and analytics to guide your operations — whatever the weather and wherever you are.

Rapid-update nowcasting – Opticast rapidly updates every 10 minutes, enabling a proactive response to incoming weather. The system reacts and gives you clear alerts and visual awareness of worsening conditions, such as thunderstorms, wind, or rainfall.

Global data integration and deployment – thinking outside the square, Opticast integrates the best regional and international NWP models. Advanced statistical techniques remove model bias to deliver a forecast optimized to the local environment. It is a global solution that can adapt to any site, anywhere.

Forecasting out to 14 days – Opticast forecasting consistently outperforms industry benchmarks in Australia. Its foresight can guide your operational decisions regarding maintenance, blast planning, and shutdowns, saving you time and money.

Customizable data via our Miningzone interface – Opticast is delivered via your dedicated industry interface: Miningzone. Choose the most relevant parameters tailored to your individual site and weather requirements. Gain the most comprehensive and easily-visualized weather data to support your operations and decision-making.

Severe weather and lightning alerting – you can customize alerts to your site’s existing severe weather thresholds, supporting your Trigger Action Response Plans (TARPs). Opticast alerts maximize the safety of your team and decrease unnecessary downtime.

Internal risk assessment – Opticast continually verifies itself and provides confidence bounds based on uncertainty in the forecast and previous errors.

Scalable science for dynamic advancement – powered by advanced machine learning and data science technology, Opticast’s robust infrastructure can evolve to serve your complex weather needs.

Ingests on-site weather station data – for any weather stations you have on site, you can have their data integrated into Opticast’s modeling. Should you require a weather station for your mine to improve forecasting quality, we offer the robust ObsConnect Weather Station.

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Guide your operations with actionable weather insights

Use Opticast’s clearly presented data to underpin your critical decision-making and be confident you have the most relevant weather insights for your mine.

Invest in a trusted solution – take the guesswork out of your operational response. Opticast is a proven solution integrated and used by hundreds of businesses. We provide peace of mind by supporting your critical decisions around safety and productivity.

Gain complete situational awareness – gain lead time and a clear visual understanding of situations as they develop with Opticast’s nowcasting. It enables timely preparation of your team and assets, reducing potential damage and safety risks.

Benefit from hyperlocal forecasting – you can rest assured knowing your forecast is precise. The costly decisions you make will be backed by the most accurate, site-specific weather intelligence available.

Make critical decisions quickly – when you have precise storm and lightning data delivered in real time, you can rapidly assess risks and make critical decisions quickly, improving safety outcomes.

Receive clear data – Opticast is accessed via our Miningzone interface, making it easy to comprehend and visualize, so you never have to waste time deciphering complex weather data. You can use Miningzone on any device across your network, and with push notifications available, your entire team can always be informed.

Improve your operational planning – you can plan ahead with a 14-day forecast, locking in maintenance during appropriate weather windows. Identify periods of potential safety risks so you can re-direct your workforce when safety shutdowns are necessary.

Harness site-specific alerting capacity – choose where alerts are delivered and how quickly, with fully-customizable options for severe weather alerts. You can set your safety thresholds within the system, prioritizing safety and avoiding costly downtime.

Your fully-supported solution – our dedicated meteorologists and IT team provide 24/7 support. We are here to problem-solve complex weather conditions with you so you can safeguard your profits and efficiencies.

When weather poses a risk to your business, Opticast’s trusted intelligence is invaluable. Precise forecasts support operational decisions and planning, ensuring the safety of your personnel and assets and improving system efficiency.

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