DTN Fuel Seller®

DTN Fuel Seller does your pricing homework for you.

Pricing decisions have a significant impact on the profitability of a petroleum fuels supplier. These decisions may impact your bottom line more than any other part of your business. Small fluctuations significantly affect tight margins, which already feel the squeeze from surplus capacity and same-day price volatility. To optimize margins and sales, you must have the ability to execute and publish price decisions whenever necessary. DTN Fuel Seller gives you this power.


From a single screen, the DTN Fuel Seller dashboard provides a continuously updated summary of market activity.

DTN Fuel Seller watches a steady onslaught of real-time market data. It seeks pricing opportunities based on rules you define. This consistent input allows your business not only to keep up but also to grow and thrive. You will boost your profit with:

  • Personalized Proposals – With DTN Fuel Seller, you receive pricing proposals for review whenever market scenarios meet your criteria. You will be poised to make quick, profitable decisions.
  • Price Improvements – The system provides a constant pricing focus to identify every incremental improvement possible. Petroleum fuel selling is an industry where minute differences make significant impacts. The power of DTN Fuel Seller keeps you ahead of the competition.
  • Frequent Pricing Updates – The intuitive platform makes it simple to publish prices to your authorized customers. You will be able to adjust and resend pricing changes as often as needed, even several times a day.
  • Competitor Comparison – You can compare real-time specifics and granular data such as:
    • Competitor rack prices
    • Core pricing metrics
    • Current and rolling 7 – or 30 – day averages
    • Real-time sales
    • Variance to target strategy
    • Margins
    • Rack rank
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Unparalleled data saves you time and increases your profit.

Increase productivity when you eliminate guesswork and frantic pricing data searches in your petroleum fuel supplier business. The fast-paced market faces product surplus and pricing volatility that make it challenging to keep up on your own. But the power of DTN Fuel Seller will set you apart from the competition and give you a significant edge over others in the industry.

Take the next step in your business to enjoy:

  • Spot and understand trends quickly with the DTN Fuel Seller dashboard. The simple interface gives you a broad, clear view of key indicators. Intraday rack prices, news, futures, and spot prices are all easy to navigate.
  • Get expert support from DTN. We’ll work closely with you to implement DTN Fuel Seller quickly, and then we will follow up with expert support to minimize the impact on your IT staff. After a short, focused training session, your analysts will be ready to take control. They will be able to:
    • Maintain settings
    • Activate and inactivate products
    • Adjust price authorizations for customers
    • Add new products and terminals
    • Map everything to your existing ERP system.
  • We’ll host your installation of DTN Fuel Seller at our state-of-the-art data center. Access your information securely from any internet connection to eliminate complexity, risk, data integration, and the cost of dedicated hardware and infrastructure for managing a pricing system.

There’s nothing more essential to operating successfully today than having access to the latest, best market information. DTN has been the preferred vendor for downstream supply chain optimization and refined fuels marketing and distribution solutions for more than 25 years. Request a free demo and see what it can do for you.

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