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Accurate Weather Forecasts Delivered Directly to Your Applications

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With GIS-based Web Services, users receive data that can be visualized in a variety of geospatial applications. This provides flexibility in how to visualize and interact with weather data, as well as the ability to integrate it into your operational systems for analyzing the weather’s impact on people, services, equipment, and assets.

Snowplow in winter


Web services for transportation.

Real-time weather information and analysis delivered via a weather web services Application Programming Interface (API) provides a standard way for DOTs, bus and trucking operations and business organizations to integrate valuable weather data directly into their own critical software applications or websites.

  • GIS-based Web Services, users receive data that can be visualized in a variety of geospatial applications.
  • We provide weather data hourly and monitor the deliveries 24/7 to ensure timeliness and accuracy.
  • Hourly and daily forecasts are available for a 15-day outlook.
  • The Web services Restful API provides a standard for machines to communicate over the Internet. Web services facilitates data communication across multiple disparate applications, allowing operators to leverage the data in ways that are most helpful to their operations across their enterprise.
Aerial view of snowy road


The most accurate source of weather insights.

When coupled with Mobile Advanced Road Weather Information Systems (MARWIS) and Automated Vehicle Location (AVL) technologies it offers the ability to understand how the weather will impact exact locations, monitor and control assets in real time.

  • A single, comprehensive source of weather data lets you streamline your website and application development and reduce development costs.
  • Easily share relevant information with all users of your transportation network.
  • Deliver accurate weather information for better decision-support, planning, and communications.
  • Enhance your situational awareness and create operational efficiencies that will save money and protect your crew and assets.
  • Our forecasts have been independently ranked the most accurate in the industry, so you can rest assured you’re making the best decisions possible.

Your IT staff will have the comprehensive weather intelligence they need to predict how the weather might impact your operations, letting you improve your response and road maintenance planning.

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