DTN Allocation Viewer

Deliver the highest level of service to take the lead in a competitive market.

Your company’s efficiency and profitability rely on your ability to manage product and credit allocations. This piece of the downstream fuel market is critical to your success and that of your customers. DTN Allocation Viewer provides a fast and secure way to communicate current credit and product availability along with lifting ratability to your customers. You will always have accurate information for your clients, allowing them to take care of their customers too.


Sell with confidence and accuracy.

DTN Allocation Viewer is a powerful optional extension of our popular DTN TABS® credit and supply management solution. It provides immediate, accurate information about allocation availability via your company website, helping you and your customers avoid confusion, wasted time, and lost revenue. Establish yourself as a trusted partner for your customers with this powerful product. With streamlined processes, your business will be able to offer:

  • Efficient Communication – Open lines of integrated, two-way communication help you and your customers eliminate risk and run your businesses more efficiently and profitably.
  • High-End Customer Service – Easily communicate product availability and individual customer allocations using your secure online portal and custom alerts.
  • Accurate Responsiveness – Communicate quickly in response to customers. Timely communication leads to happy customers and boosts your bottom line.
  • Trustworthy Information – You choose the level of information you share and with which customers. This multi-level communication ensures both the privacy and integrity of each customer’s allocations and ratability, earning you their trust.
  • Customizable Alerts – With DTN Allocation Viewer’s customizable signals, clients can set up various levels of alerts to let them know when their credit or allocations are running low. You can set alerts for all of your terminals and products.
  • Easy-to-Understand Platform – Customers see a summary line and color-coded supply availability in green, yellow, and red. The information quickly and clearly communicates their status at a glance.
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Improve your business flow and profit with efficient, centralized communication.

DTN Allocation Viewer offers your customers a focused display of their available allocations, by product or credit. Your customers can view the availability status of different channels to which they might belong, such as branded and unbranded, separately. They can customize the view to focus on what’s most important to them. This robust platform gives your customers the power they need to succeed and boost profit.

They can:

  • Maximize Staff Efforts – The DTN Allocation Viewer allows customers to reduce their support needs and overhead costs. The precise information and user-friendly online interface reduce incoming phone calls. This reduction in calls allows your customers and their staff to focus on more pressing tasks.
  • Avoid Terminal Denials – Having trucks denied at a terminal is a costly event. The time and money wasted cannot be regained. Save your customers time, money, and stress by allowing them to check allocations before they dispatch trucks.
  • Improve Contract Ratability – Help your customers ensure their ratability by keeping them informed of their current product allocations.
  • Forecast Needs – DTN Allocation Viewer has a module that allows your customers to forecast their future needs, helping reduce last-minute requests and ensure adequate supplies.

With DTN Allocation Viewer you can help your customers better protect their efficiency and profitability and serve the needs of their own customers. Establishes yourself as a trusted business partner building greater customer loyalty. Set yourself apart in today’s highly competitive marketplace. Contact DTN today for a free demo.

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