Asset Inspection

Take Action when Lightning Strikes

Strong lightning and thunderstorms pose a huge risk to Utility operations. Identify and proactively inspect substations and other infrastructure that may have been struck by lightning with Asset Inspection reports by DTN. Find and repair issues before a failure takes place.


Global lightning detection for full coverage.

Asset Inspection is an additional service to WeatherSentry Utility Edition that reports lightning strikes near substations or other key electric infrastructure. This gives you the chance to inspect equipment and repair issues before a failure takes place.

  • Daily lightning strike data reports are sent to a list of users at a pre-designated time each day.
  • Lightning strikes are labeled with date, time, latitude, longitude, amplitude, and polarity.
  • Lightning data is permanently archived for access anytime.


Not all forecasts are created equal.

This proactive inspection means less downtime for your customers and fewer emergency repairs that need to be made outside of typical work hours.

  • Repair issues before failures take place.
  • View reports to support product warranty and insurance claims.
  • Do an analysis of equipment that may need additional lightning protection investments.

With thousands of lightning strokes near hundreds of substations, an automated asset inspection report from DTN saves time and eliminates guesswork when responding to potential damage after a damaging lightning and thunderstorm event.