Meteorology Consulting - Sports & Entertainment

3 Tiers of Professional Meteorological Consulting and Support

Choose from 3 different service levels for best-in-class forecasts, alerts and risk management tools. OnDemand, MetWatch or OnSite solutions give you access to DTN’s degreed meteorologists for professional insight and support.


Get professional meteorological support.

DTN meteorology operations centers have over seventy degreed Meteorologists providing 24x7x365 support. We have a dedicated sports and recreation services team who provide 3 tiers of support for the sports and recreation industry, tailored around event and venue forecasts and monitoring, lightning and heat safety. DTN offers live support via blog and phone through OnDemand; dedicated remote meteorologists with MetWatch and OnSite meteorologists for large events.

  • Before an event
    • Seasonal outlooks
    • High-quality forecasting
  • Just before or during an event
    • Nowcasting
    • Analysis of Weather Risks
    • Warnings / Alerts
  • After an event
    • Post-storm summaries
    • Forensic analysis


Fewer delays. Less risk. More play.

Keeping tabs on the weather outlook and current conditions is only part of your job, with every tier of our Meteorology Consulting services, experts at DTN will stay on top of the weather for you, so you can concentrate on the other demanding aspects of your job.

  • Ensure greater event planning, safety, and evacuation planning.
  • If a threatening situation occurs, our forecasters will highlight the probabilities of achieving these conditions and alert you if dangerous weather nears.
  • Set custom weather parameters and thresholds that are problematic for your events.
  • Ensure optimal safety and service – for your venues, players, and staff during adverse weather.

Nothing ruins a good game or large event as quickly as bad weather. Cancellations and rain delays are not only bad for morale—they can do serious damage to your bottom line. Choose a level of meteorology support that best supports your event or venue.

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