DTN DataConnect®

Edge out the competition with DTN DataConnect.

All the sources of information you need send you an unending stream of notifications. Pricing, invoices, EFTs and more bombard you hourly. Receiving all this data via fax or email, then manually organizing and cataloging it is time-consuming. And it’s way too easy to lose a critical piece of information.

DataConnect® from DTN captures and organizes a steady stream of vital supplier data, as well as providing industry-specific news, analysis, and DTN weather, making it easy for you to stay informed and in control of your business. Data Connect also offers a market quotes option. With our integration into your infrastructure, your team doesn’t have to go looking for the data they need; it’s automatically placed where it’s most useful.


Control your data so it works for you.

The industry relies on a nearly-continuous flow of pricing data. With this much information moving rapidly throughout the market, any errors or inefficiencies in your messaging system can devastate your bottom line. Redundancies and wasted work hours further deplete your profit. By streamlining the entire process, DTN DataConnect helps you and your customers grow business operations without adding new staff. The product addresses your communication concerns by offering:

  • All the messages you need to receive in one, easy-to-manage dashboard
  • No software to install
  • Hard copy and auto-print options to print documents when needed
  • Revolving archive of 90 days of history
  • Secure data transmission


Level up your business with efficiency for everyone.

The ability to handle and manage electronic records is absolutely vital to your business. We’ve designed DTN DataConnect to treat your files with the appropriate level of care, regardless of their format. Tens of thousands of downstream stakeholders depend on DTN DataConnect for efficient data and integration services. It is the leader in the industry and will help provide your customers with a competitive edge. Outsourcing your communications needs gives you and your customers:

  • Save time and effort
  • Stay informed and organized
  • Increased focus on growing your business

Additionally, our customer support team is ready and willing to answer any question you have regarding your information-gathering workflow. We’ll make sure you’re satisfied.

Stay in-the-know and in control by streamlining and automating your incoming messages with Data Connect from DTN.

By streamlining the entire process, DTN DataConnect helps you and your customers grow business operations without adding additional staff. Contact DTN and request a free demo of DTN DataConnect.

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