FleetGuard Suite

Improve fleet performance with aggregated weather data and routing insights

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Marine weather is the biggest driver in fleet planning, execution, and analysis. It influences high-stakes decisions around ship chartering, voyage planning, voyage execution, ship maintenance, and legal claims.

FleetGuard fleet of red cargo ship on ocean


Real-time vessel and weather monitoring

A modular monitoring tool, FleetGuard provides critical insights from a global fleet view down to single-vessel details to help boost performance in various conditions.

FleetGuard Enterprise Portal
  • Operator dashboard – Provides centralized access to maps, key performance indicators, and alerts. Customize the interface based on your fleet group’s configuration and the information that matters most to you.
  • Vessel (group) view – Zoom in from a global, real-time view of your entire fleet to groups of vessels or single vessels. View single-vessel performance details in different weather situations, so you’ll know which ships need attention and can take appropriate action.
  • Extensive map view – Combine weather forecasts, tracks, and routes into a single view.
  • Voyage calculations/optimization – Create route options based on time, cost, or fuel constraints, with or without a given estimated time of arrival.
FleetGuard Services
  • Performance monitoring and reporting – Receive detailed voyage performance analysis set to C/P standards. Support voyage savings using the savings report module. Monitor weather performance with analysis and benchmark modules.
  • Vessel trend and benchmark analysis – Access cleaned-up data. Select, filter and combine and compare to get insights on vessel performance over time.
FleetGuard cargo vessel with bright color containers at port


Improve fleet performance and utilization

Make confident, targeted decisions with aggregated weather data and routing insights.

  • Improve fleet performance – Again insight into trends, past performance, and benchmarks at fleet and vessel levels. Utilize monitoring and reporting tools, including MRV.
  • Enhance fleet utilization – Support day-to-day vessel operations, planning, performance, and cost control decisions with sharper insights into a.o. planned routes, weather forecasts, delays, and damage and claim risks.
  • Ensure vessel, crew, and cargo safety – Better manage information around safety decisions and fleet alerting.

FleetGuard offers a state-of-the-art, actionable dashboard and cloud portal. It fully integrates with SPOS to provide the ultimate voyage optimization solution for ocean-going vessels. With its aggregated vessel data and actionable alerting, you can improve fleet performance and utilization.

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