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Easily integrate proven marine weather data using DTN Marine Content Services.

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DTN Marine Content Services include our Marine Weather, Vessel Insights, and analytic APIs, proprietary marine weather forecast models and skilled forecasting services, and vessel digital twin models to support confident decisions that drive greater safety, efficiency, and profitability in the shipping and marine industries.

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Easily integrate DTN marine weather data.

DTN Marine Weather API

Offers improved weather forecast accuracy, cost savings and asset safety. Access more than 100 marine weather parameters that span the highest detail on ocean waves, atmospheric and tidal data.

  • Offers multiple configuration options on temporal resolution, forecast ranges, location (shape) requests, data format (XML, JSON).
  • Access to three DTN forecast models: SPOS, NMB and our next generation marine forecast engine Manta.
  • 24/7 support from our experts that includes 200 meteorologists in operational weather rooms across the world, master mariners, marine scientists and global customer support teams.
  • Harnesses the latest cloud and vector tiling technologies through its map layer API to provide ultra-fast, smooth map views.

Vessel Insights API

This all-in-one data solution collects, collates, and delivers every relevant piece of operational data at the fleet or vessel level. It also seamlessly integrates into your existing business processes.

  • A single source of truth – provides continuous quality-checked vessel performance-relevant data from multiple sources (ais, noon, autolog, weather, digital twin) along the vessel’s track.
  • Performance analysis using digital twin – provides fuel consumption and emission estimates just by using ais tracks, hindcast weather data, and vessel performance models.
  • Accurate, reliable reports – processes noon report data, automates quality checks, and provides confidence indicators through EasyNoon — our proprietary reporting tool — or third-party noon reporting tools.
  • A fuller data lake – combines operational data, advanced vessel digital profiles, high-definition track information, and best-in-class weather observations and forecasts.
  • Better weather benchmarking – integrates accurate, high-value weather data to support advanced analytics and greater decision-making confidence.

Vessel Routing API
Optimize your voyages your way with our Vessel Routing API’s integrated decision support.

  • Get safe, navigable routes on-demand with advanced analytics.
  • Compare available routes using 30+ parameters and securely integrate the data into your applications.
  • Ensure safety based on vessel-specific limitations and profiles. Set thresholds for each specific route for custom warnings and waypoints.
  • Better simulate vessel performance in specific weather conditions by specifying your proprietary vessel profiles or choosing from 25 pre-existing profiles.
  • Choose from different use cases to help you select the most optimized route using instructed speed or recommended speed.
  • Variable speed endpoint: optimizes voyages around hazardous weather conditions while supporting laycan windows and just-in-time arrivals.
  • Smart voyage restrictions: automatically factors in local, national, and global maritime regulations, as well as vessel class, dangerous cargo, and gross tonnage restrictions into your routes.
    • Performed freely at open ocean while respecting maritime fairways and traffic separation schemes.
    • Considers the draft of the vessel, under keel clearance, vertical clearance, and other key dimensions and statistics.
    • Automatically blocks passages or canals within route networks (depths <30km) based on vessel and maritime regulations.
    • Users are also able to apply custom restrictions based on their passage preferences.

WeatherFactor API
WeatherFactor API calculates duration and fuel consumption for future voyages to help traders make more competitive and profitable cargo bids.

  • Simulates the requested voyage using a vessel digital twin model and 20 years of hindcast weather data.
  • Supports a range of statistical values to help estimate voyage costs, including decarbonization metrics.
  • Provides multiple outcomes that include defined confidence intervals to help traders assess risk.
  • Integrates with commercial platforms for a more seamless freight rate calculation workflow.
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Access to our extensive, high resolution and continuously verified marine weather data.

DTN Marine Weather API

Allows easy integration with our weather data for in house solutions and platforms. Proactive consultation and tools allow you to stay ahead of adverse weather impacts for your exact locations, enabling informed decision making necessary to execute shipping operations flawlessly.

  • Using Marine Weather API, you ensure that all marine weather data is in sync with your DTN shipping solutions.
  • Make more confident decisions by clearly seeing your operations in relation to the weather.
  • 24/7 support from our meteorological experts.
  • DTN utilizes the latest cloud technology to run a global suite of marine forecast models with the ability to integrate high resolution models into global and regional forecast runs. We continuously verify output from our weather models using DTN satellite, buoy and observation networks.

Vessel Insights API

It provides a core building block for any vessel performance management system or analytics platform. With it, you can build your own customized solutions — without worrying about managing and maintaining multiple connections with different data sources, maintaining data quality, or creating your own digital twin models.

  • Monitor vessel performance without noon reports or autolog data
  • Create your own dashboards to track your vessels’ CII and EEOI
  • Build your own analytic platforms for vessel performance analysis
  • Produce customized reports for internal or compliance reporting
  • Track any vessel performance-related KPI relevant to you
  • Benchmark your fleet’s performance
  • Reach your business goals faster through intelligent, data-driven decisions powered by our unique insights

Vessel Routing API
Save money, time, fuel, and emissions through enhanced vessel routing decisions.

  • Improve the accuracy of your ETAs.
  • Easily compare available routes with a multitude of options, restrictions, and weather configurations.
  • Ensure the best, weather-optimized route:
    • Instructed speed: select your set speed through the voyage to support charter party agreement.
    • Recommended speed: choose the best rate based on a provided range, with the return speed optimized to reach a destination with a flexible ETA.
    • Variable Speed: optimize the voyage and avoid weather threats while helping the vessel reach its destination at the specified time.
  • Variable speed endpoint: ensure safe, optimally timed voyages that support your targeted ETAs through variable speed, weather-optimized routes.
  • Smart voyage restrictions: avoid potential legal and operational concerns with routes that automatically factor in multiple levels of maritime regulations, as well as vessel, cargo, and other restrictions. Passages and canals not suited to specific vessels and maritime fairways and traffic separation schemes are also considered.

WeatherFactor API
With WeatherFactor API, traders can quickly and confidently determine voyage costs with the power of cutting-edge data science and proprietary weather insights.

  • Accurately estimate voyage costs and walk away from unprofitable deals sooner.
  • Bid more competitively with sharper insights into duration risks and confidence levels.
  • Compare routes against shorter options and those with less significant weather.
  • Better maintain profit and loss assessments, as well as safety, during the voyage.

Cost savings & improved operational efficiencies
  • Reduced fuel consumption
  • Decreased daily operational costs
  • More reliable ETAs

Reduced environmental impacts
  • Achieve sustainability goals & improve your GHG rating
  • Employ variable speed instead of slow steaming

Enhanced voyage safety
  • Avoid heavy weather conditions
  • Be better prepared for weather en route

Improved vessel performance
  • Maximize favorable currents & winds
  • Enjoy potential trim optimization based on wind speed & weather information


Marine Weather API


Vessel Insights API

Vessel Insights

Integrates with your business processes, collecting & collating information you need to make intelligent, data-driven decisions.

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Vessel Routing API


Vessel Routing API

Delivers key metadata for each route, so your team can quickly and easily compare various options.

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WeatherFactor API


DTN Marine Content Services is an all-in-one solution to integrate our marine weather data and marine analytics services into your systems. Utilizing the latest cloud technology, we tune our global suite of marine forecast models to match your needs. Models and forecast data are continuously validated, calibrated, and tuned to the latest observations, using satellite, buoy, and private observation networks.

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