Marine Content Services

Easily integrate critical shipping APIs and intelligence with DTN Marine Content Services.

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Confidently drive decisions that enhance safety, efficiency, and profitability with our Marine Content Services and shipping APIs. They deliver critical actionable operational insights from resources like proprietary marine weather models, skilled forecasting services, and vessel digital twin models.

Discover how to build custom performance and monitoring tools with our APIs

DTN Marine Content Services is an all-in-one solution that integrates our marine weather data and analytics into your systems to build effective vessel routing, voyage optimization, performance monitoring platforms & customized dashboards. We adjust our global suite of marine forecast models to match your needs with the latest cloud technology. Our models and forecasts are continuously validated and calibrated using the newest observations from satellite, buoy, and private observation networks.

Marine Weather API

Take the guesswork out of one of the most complex factors in vessel monitoring and management — the weather. With our API you can confidently drive a variety of accurate decisions through increased situational awareness.
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Vessel Routing API

Achieve weather-optimized routing by integrating this reliable, proven API into your internal business and operational processes. With it, you won't have to monitor or manage several different weather data sources, freeing you to focus on core shipping activities.
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Vessel Insights API

Accurately assess operations at the vessel or fleet level by integrating various quality-checked data streams, including Noon, AIS, and weather. Because the data is verified, you can focus your time on analytics and reporting.
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WeatherFactor API

Better meet contractual timelines and increase cargo bid accuracy with simulated voyages featuring digital twin ship models and 20 years of trusted hindcast weather data.
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Cost savings & improved operational efficiencies
  • Reduced fuel consumption
  • Decreased daily operational costs
  • More reliable ETAs

Reduced environmental impacts
  • Achieve sustainability goals & improve your GHG rating
  • Employ variable speed instead of slow steaming

Enhanced voyage safety
  • Avoid heavy weather conditions
  • Be better prepared for weather en route

Improved vessel performance
  • Maximize favorable currents & winds
  • Enjoy potential trim optimization based on wind speed & weather information

DTN Marine Content Services is an all-in-one solution to integrate our marine weather data and marine analytics services into your systems. Utilizing the latest cloud technology, we tune our global suite of marine forecast models to match your needs. Models and forecast data are continuously validated, calibrated, and tuned to the latest observations, using satellite, buoy, and private observation networks.

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