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Make and secure more competitive, profitable bids through sharper planning.

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Reliably estimate voyage durations and ETAs with simulations featuring digital twin ship models, advanced analytics, and 20 years of hindcast weather data. With WeatherFactor, you can better meet contractual timelines and increase cargo bid accuracy.

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Bid more accurately to drive greater profitability

WeatherFactor calculates duration and fuel consumption for future voyages to help you make more competitive and profitable cargo bids.

  • Simulates the requested voyage using a vessel digital twin model and 20 years of historical weather data.
  • Supports a range of statistical values to help estimate voyage costs, including decarbonization metrics.
  • Provides multiple outcomes that include defined confidence intervals for enhanced risk assessments.
  • Integrates with commercial platforms for a more seamless freight rate calculation workflow.
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Confidently calculate voyage costs

With WeatherFactor, you can quickly and confidently determine voyage costs with the power of cutting-edge data science and proprietary weather insights.

  • Accurately estimate costs and walk away from unprofitable deals sooner.
  • Bid more competitively with sharper insights into duration risks and confidence levels.
  • Compare routes against shorter options and those with less significant weather.
  • Better maintain profit and loss assessments, as well as safety, during the voyage.

Dig into the technical details

Explore our WeatherFactor API documentation in our developer portal to learn how to get started and see details about servers, authentication, health checks, and more.

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