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Gain a selling edge and grow your profit with DTN Messaging.

You have a constant stream of data you need to communicate with your partners. A supply notification needs to go to one customer. Another is asking for an invoice they’ve misplaced. And you also need to post prices to a regional group.

Manually managing those communications is cumbersome and time-consuming in the best case. Not to mention the lost productivity and confusion caused by a message sent prematurely or to the wrong person. But taking the time to maintain fax and email services, plus track multiple file formats, makes you less nimble in a fast-paced industry.

DTN Messaging automates, translates and organizes your business notices and communications.


Stand out from the competition in the tight fuel selling marketplace.

Slow, stalled, or redundant communication is costly to your business. With the enormous amount of data flowing in the fuel selling market, you need an efficient way to handle and manage electronic records. That is why we’ve designed DTN Messaging.

Check these features:

  • DTN Messaging handles all the notifications you need to send: Invoices, prices, eBOLS, EFT draft notifications, credit card reconciliation and more.
  • Point to multipoint, or point to point messaging, ensuring timely, relevant messages.
  • Seamless delivery to all of your partners in the manner in which they wish to receive – internet, EDI, email, or FTP.
  • Full control: you decide who gets what message and when.
  • If one of your customers loses their primary connectivity, we’re there to supply them with alternative backup solutions, ensuring timely delivery of your business-critical documents.
  • Fully integrated prices and documents into your customers’ best-buy applications or ERP.
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Manage your records and documents in any format and at any time.

Client care and communication are at the core of your business. Streamlined, efficient documentation makes it simple to stay ahead of the competition in this fast-paced industry. Move your data and communicate with customers with speed and reliability.

Automating business communications yields immediately practical benefits to your business:

  • Save time and money
  • You send DTN one file in one format, and we maintain the multitude of translations your customers need to digest the data.
  • Increased trust to grow your business organically
  • Reduce errors and disputes
  • Better customer relationships

Gain a competitive edge and streamline your back office with DTN Messaging

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With improved, accurate communication, you’ll become the partner of choice to your customers. And if you have any questions or issues, our expert customer support team will work with you to address them, and keep your productivity at maximum.

DTN Messaging is the preferred tool in the industry for reliable, consistent data exchange. Request a free demo and see for yourself how DTN Messaging can bring your operation to the next level.

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