PROBLEM: Changing Weather Conditions and Lack of Helicopter-Applicable Data

Weather is the most significant factor of a helicopter operation’s safety and profitability. Severe weather conditions, such as poor visibility, high winds, and thunderstorms can damage equipment, reduce flight hours, and lead to personal injury or even death. Helicopter pilots need to make decisions about whether to fly and what route to take quickly, especially in emergency or medical situations. According to a 2016 study by the International Helicopter Safety Team, 18 percent of commercial helicopter accidents are a result of a misjudgment of the weather.

Helicopter operators need to be protected inflight, at bases, and landing points such as hospitals, rooftops, and oil rigs. You need accurate, real-time weather information to help you make rapid low-level flight and remote landing decisions. Unfortunately, a lot of aviation weather data is designed for airplanes, which have different needs.

SOLUTION: Weather Forecasts and Products Designed for Helicopter Operations

DTN provides an incomparable array of tools and information designed specifically for helicopter pilots and operations. These tools provide real-time, aviation-specific, weather-related data from one of North America’s largest weather networks, backed by the analysis of industry-leading meteorologists. With this information at your fingertips, you can make faster and better decisions with confidence in knowing you’ve got the best information at your disposal.

Specialized solutions from DTN include patented forecast models and 4D flight route alerting, allowing you to modernize your operations and rely on accurate pre-flight and in-flight decision support. DTN tools for helicopters help you improve your operational efficiency and safety, and justify every go/no-go decision.

Our Helicopter Products

AviationSentry® Helicopter Edition

AviationSentry Helicopter Edition delivers upgraded weather forecasts designed specifically for helicopter pilots, as well as safety alerts and route recommendations created by industry professionals.

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Flight Route Alerting – Helicopters

Flight Route Alerting for Helicopters provides real-time evaluation of multiple flight plans, continually monitors weather for changing conditions, and is fully customizable to your specific thresholds and alert criteria.

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Meteorological Consulting – Helicopters

Trust our expert meteorologists to discuss the what, where, why and how behind the weather and their forecasts and consult on difficult weather decisions.

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RotorWatch transforms your weather insights from situational awareness to active decision-making.

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