Reduce operating and “waiting on weather” costs with high-resolution metocean forecasting services

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Metocean conditions affect all areas of offshore operations. Having a reliable and accurate forecasting tool is essential. NowcastingPro facilitates project managers to reduce operating cost by recognizing weather windows and fine-tuning daily operations. Plan ahead for weather-related downtime and avoid unnecessary last-minute scheduling changes.

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Innovative metocean operational planning tool

NowcastingPro provides maps, graphs, tables, weather windows and alerts. It allows users to interact with the forecast data provided in such a way that is easily integrated into daily operations. Users can accurately plan for weather-related downtime and avoid unnecessary, or last-minute, scheduling changes.

  • Forecasts: We provide hourly data and forecasts, updated four times per day with a spatial resolution of up to 10km
  • Key parameters: Wind speed and direction 10m / 50m – Significant wave height – Swell height, period and direction – Surface current
  • Alerts and configuration: To assist in operational planning you can set your own operational limits for every parameter and be alerted by single parameter alerts or by a combination of alerts in our unique weather window view
  • Archived forecasts: Forecasts are automatically archived and are available for when you need to refer back to specific situations
  • Global coverage: Including worldwide major oil and gas basins
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Interact with the forecast data in a way that easily integrates into your daily operations

NowcastingPro enables project managers and logistics managers to plan offshore operations for optimal efficiency and maximum safety by using reliable, up to date and local metocean and weather data.

  • Accurately plan for weather-related downtime, avoiding unnecessary or last-minute scheduling changes and reducing operational costs
  • Users have visibility of changing conditions plus an inbuilt threshold alarm, leading to improved safety at sea and reduced risk of damage to equipment or environmental disaster
  • Data is delivered using standard maritime communications systems, ensuring communications costs are kept to a minimum

Make confident weather-based decisions for your offshore project phases. Increase asset and crew safety and reduce operating costs.

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