Secure road safety and operational efficiency by making informed gritting decisions

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Winter road maintenance is all about balancing traffic safety and operational efficiency. Treating roads too late can lead to accidents and traffic jams. Unnecessary treatment of roads can result in high costs and potential environmental damage. RoadMaster helps road managers find the right balance.

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Decades of experience in weather forecasting and winter road management

The RoadMaster website shows past, present and forecasted road hazards in your maintenance area. Its dashboard features an overview of observations, forecasts, hazard warnings and your actions.

  • Road hazard dashboard – Keep informed in one glance about hazards up to 8 days ahead for black ice, hoar frost, snow and freezing rain during winter, specifically for your maintenance area. Keep posted all year round for hazards such as high wind gusts and high precipitation.
  • Location details – Drill down on locations for RWIS measurements, forecasts and camera images.
  • Precipitation-type radar – Improve short-term decisions based on real time and forecasted precipitation radar information, distinguishing between rain, hail, snow and freezing rain.
  • Alerts and meteorological consultations — Stay on top of expected road surface conditions with notifications and on-demand guidance from our team of professional transportation meteorologists.
  • Multi-layer-map – Present RWIS data, camera images, satellite images, weather maps, precipitation radar and Route-Based Forecasts providing road hazard forecast for all your treated routes. Show the map full screen, and even combine information together in one map if you wish.
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Secure road safety and operational efficiency

RoadMaster helps Road Managers to ensure absolute winter safety by providing RWIS measurements, location-specific road weather forecasts, and precipitation-type radar data to support informed gritting decisions.

  • Secure road safety – Make informed gritting decisions using hyperlocal data on road surface temperature, black ice, hoar frost, snowfall and freezing rain.
  • Minimize costs and environmental impact – Use road-specific weather models drawing on 20+ years of road-forecasting experience to avoid unnecessary treatments and reduce environmental impact.
  • Defend liability claims – Save time and eliminate liability costs by using the 22-year RoadMaster archive. It includes all road weather data and weather room communication next to your decisions in the RoadMaster Action Log as evidence to support historical treatment decisions.
  • Greater peace of mind — Make more confident, targeted decisions with the latest condition alerts and expert guidance from our weather room regarding your specific questions.
  • Improve information sharing and collaboration – Share real-time gritting decision information with stakeholders.

The RoadMaster solution

Weather Intelligence for Road Maintenance.

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RoadMaster builds on decades of experience in weather forecasting and winter road management.

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