Vessel Routing API

Optimize routes by time, fuel, or cost with advanced analytics.

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Manage your voyages your way with integrated decision support in our Vessel Routing API.

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Features Benefits Vessel Routing API


Get safe, navigable routes on-demand.

Determine the fastest route, options to reduce fuel needs, factor ECA options, daily hire, and additional costs into your routing calculation.

  • New! Optimal speed routing algorithm: Uses unique, advanced optimization logic to provide the best route based on overall costs or total metric tons of fuel; if a strict ETA is not required, it will use the vessel’s entire speed range.
  • Vessel-specific performance models: Vessel Routing API can use your own models, whether developed in-house or by a third party, to further optimize its voyage calculations.
  • Compare available routes using 30+ parameters and securely integrate the data into your applications.
  • Ensure safety based on limitations and profiles specific to your vessels. Set thresholds for each specific route for custom warnings and waypoints.
  • Better simulate performance in specific weather conditions with your proprietary vessel profiles or choosing from 25 pre-existing options.
  • Choose from different use cases to help you select the most optimized route based on instructed speed or recommended speed.
Features Benefits Vessel Routing API


Improve the accuracy of your ETAs.

Save money, time, fuel, and emissions through enhanced vessel routing decisions.

  • Protect voyage profitability: Optimal speed routing algorithm finds the most cost-efficient route for your voyages without impacting safety or navigability. This algorithm can create routes with ETA routing and when there isn’t a strict ETA requirement.
    • For ETA routing: The speed changes are made around the average speed that is required to get in time to destination. So if there is a storm passing by there is a limit within which the algorithm can slow down the vessel and still make the ETA (algorithm only allows 1 to 3 speed changes along the route).
    • When there is no strict ETA requirement: The new algorithm can use the entire speed range that the vessel is practically able to sail in to achieve the most optimum results. Here the client takes responsibility for speed range input along with crew and asset safety measures.
  • More precise route recommendations: By using your own vessel-specific performance models, integrating the Vessel Routing API into your platforms optimizes routes based on the vessel’s latest performance.
    • Easily compare available routes with a multitude of options, restrictions, and weather configurations.
    • Ensure the best, weather-optimized routes using:
      • Instructed speed: select your set speed through the voyage to support charter party agreements.
      • Recommended speed: choose the best rate based on a provided range, with the return speed optimized to reach a destination with a flexible estimated time of arrival.
      • Variable speed: optimize the voyage and avoid weather threats while helping the vessel reach its destination at the specified time.
      • Variable speed endpoint: ensure safe, optimally timed voyages that support your targeted estimated times of arrival through variable speed, weather-optimized routes.
      • Smart voyage restrictions: avoid potential legal or operational issues. It automatically factors in local, national, and global maritime regulations. It also factors vessel types and sizes, cargo type, dangerous cargo, and gross tonnage restrictions into your routes.
        • Performed freely at open ocean while respecting maritime fairways and traffic separation schemes.
        • Considers the draft of the vessel, under keel clearance, vertical clearance, and other key dimensions and statistics.
        • Automatically blocks passages or canals within route networks (depths <30km) based on vessel and maritime regulations.
        • Supports custom restrictions based on your passage preferences.

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