PROBLEM: You Need Full Situational Intelligence

Weather plays a huge role in the safety and mobility of roads. In hazardous weather conditions your goal is to improve road safety and mobility; schedule and manage resources; and shelter crew and drivers. From winter weather to heavy rain, approaching storms can put your operations at risk. Managing this requires decision support for educated routing, maintenance, treatment and removal strategies.

SOLUTION: Road Weather Accuracy

DTN will make your decisions more accurate and easier with best-in-class weather forecasts and expert recommendations. Ensure safety for everyone, while conserving budget because of smarter crew deployment and treatment confidence.

Our State DOT & Federal Highway Products

WeatherSentry® Pavement Forecast Edition

WeatherSentry is a decision-support platform that delivers a clear view of all the weather affecting your roadways. Learn more.

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RoadCast, a module within WeatherSentry, combines your pavement profiles with our industry-leading forecasts to provide you with sophisticated anti-icing recommendations, with or without RWIS.

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RWIS Data Management System

A single interface that allows you to consult with meteorologists, plan and position crews more effectively, troubleshoot your RWIS network, and more.

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Web Services – Transportation

With GIS-based Web Services, users receive data that can be visualized in a variety of geospatial applications. Learn more today.

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Weather Risk Index

DTN’s weather risk categorization uses advanced analytics and personal meteorological guidance to provide simplified and visual risk assessment forecasts for DOTs, Cities & Counties and Trucking and Fleet Management operations.

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Meteorological Consulting – Transportation

Navigating and maintaining roadways during every season can be a daunting task. Consult with DTN meteorologists for additional weather insights before, during and after a weather event.

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RoadMaster half circle product card

Secure road safety and operational efficiency by making informed gritting decisions.

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headlights on snowy road at night dtn clearpath product
ClearPath Weather®

Effectively managing winter weather road issues before, during, and after weather events.

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