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DTN Agronomic Platform

DTN Agronomic Platform (AP) empowers your best decisions. With it, you can operate more efficiently while protecting your yields and margins through more strategic operations.
Get the tools and functionality you need by selecting the combination of packages that’s right for you:

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Field Work – includes essential management tools for scouting, trapping, crop planning, and soil sampling.

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Insights – delivers critical intelligence for scouting and trapping with imagery to support your very best decisions.

Here’s an example of how DTN AP’s tools can provide a complete scouting workflow:

  • Prioritize fields to catch problems early — Our unique modeling technology helps prioritize fields with insights into corn foliar disease, insect presence, growth stage, and more.
  • Gather high-quality data from the field — Our intuitive scouting app helps you collect quantitative, agronomically-relevant data about the problems you find.
  • Get economic impact estimates from your data — Better estimate the financial impact of problems and treatments with a tool that harnesses your scouting data.
  • Prioritize your actions — Receive weekly reports of your scouting results, showing observations ranked by their economic importance.
  • Put it all together — Easily create detailed, highly-visual reports for your records at any time.

See the DTN scouting system in action, including how it records observations, shows field conditions, demonstrates economic impact, creates reports, and more.

Click here for more information, or here for a free trial.

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