DTN ProphetX® Commodities Edition

A slowing world economy, an expensive U.S. dollar and plentiful supply of commodities in the U.S. and around the world have depressed prices. In addition, good growing seasons over several years in other parts of the world have contributed to more competition. It’s harder than ever for commodities traders to successfully navigate today’s markets — there’s nothing they need more than the most comprehensive market data to help them make their best decisions.

DTN ProphetX Commodity Edition delivers powerful and real-time market data, timely and advanced analytics, innovative productivity features, and robust trading tools, giving traders a competitive edge. It delivers exceptional power and reliability, while setting the standard for quality data management at a tremendous value. It also supplements that with a feature-rich interface that eliminates repetitive tasks, makes it easier than ever to view and analyze information, and saves you time and money.

Better data and more powerful analytics

Until now, you’ve had to choose between tools that are either too simple to provide real information and insight, or too cumbersome to keep pace with fast-moving markets. DTN ProphetX delivers on all fronts, delivering exceptional power, reliability, risk management, and value.

• It contains proprietary cash market information, including both current and historical cash grain bids.

• Create spreadsheets with live market data to help you make better trading decisions.

• It supplements that information and analysis with one-click access to charts of Greeks, implied volatility, volume, and open interest. Content from top-name third-party sources, as well as all U.S. commodity and several key international exchanges, also are all included.

• Powerful forward curve and seasonal charts help you see how prices are trending and plan ahead for the long term.

• You can set up customized price alerts to help you respond fast in volatile times.

Efficient viewing, action and execution

The solution’s feature-rich interface eliminates repetitive tasks, makes it easier than ever to view and analyze information, and saves you time and money. Here’s how: 

• Because it’s a desktop appliance, it’s simple to open, close, move and more.

• In one click, you can access all of the relevant information for a particular commodity or market and navigate between industry-specific displays, quote sheets, charts and news indexes.

• Extensive “drag and drop” capabilities and keyboard shortcuts help you create new displays from existing information, including spread displays, chart overlays, or a news search filter from a list of symbols in a quote display.

• Execute and process orders with an integrated DOM trader and ticket interface.

• Anytime/anywhere access to the critical market information you need via our apps for both Android and iOS.

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