Forensic Meteorological Services

Support weather and climate-related litigation with expert forensic meteorological services

Laptop Forensic Services

Get strategic, sound, and accurate analyses to support your weather and climate-related legal cases from our team of forensic meteorology experts.

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Detailed, pin-point weather reconstructions

  • Integrating complex weather data into a concise, strategic, and sound report is critical for conveying the facts about the weather associated with a legal matter.
  • A thoughtful sequence of steps to meet your needs: (1) research and discovery, (2) telephone briefing of the findings, (3) draft reports and interim teleconferences, and (4) final, signed report with factual findings and opinions.
  • Access to global datasets and expertise to support a variety of meteorological cases, including slip-and-falls, flooding, and transportation accidents.
  • We put weather events into historical and statistical perspectives, clearly conveying the rarity of the event.
  • Precipitation reconstructions feature output from our integrated, detailed, and precise MetStorm® analyses.
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Streamlined, professional approach

  • Trusted legal partner since 2006.
  • Seasoned experience supporting both defendants and plaintiffs in more than 25 cases, including trial and deposition appearances.
  • Reports are authored and/or reviewed by Certified Consulting Meteorologists (CCMs), the top distinction of the American Meteorological Society.
  • Familiarity with the legal system and the caution needed to protect sensitive information.
  • Specialized skills and tools for reconstructing storm and precipitation events.
  • Networked with complementary experts, such as hydrologists, to support other complex elements of the case.

Contact our forensic team for a curriculum vitae (CV) and a rate schedule. You can also visit our forensic meteorology listings at and at the American Meteorological Society.