API Demo

As the industry evolves, farmers and agribusinesses need specific data and insights at their fingertips to ensure they are able to make confident decisions.

However, data alone can be cumbersome. That’s why integrating data into your AgTech software can improve usability and user experience.

Our Application Programming Interface (API) helps ease the burden of integrating data, specifically individual data points, into your current AgTech platform.

Let’s explore APIs and how they work a little bit more.

Essentially, an API is a system that allows two computers to talk to each other. The user requests data, the API takes that request (a call) and submits it to the database, and the database returns the requested data to the end-user.

With our solution, you can pull data on crops, farmers, fields, soil, irrigation, grain storage, farm income, and more and display it within your chosen AgTech, all in a matter of seconds.

It’s a simple setup and runs in perpetuity.


3 Examples of API Use Cases


1. Pre-Populate AgTech Software

Use our API to augment name and address, bringing details about crops, acreage, income, irrigation, grain bins, and more directly into your application. Best of all, it happens within seconds.


2. Enhance Lead Data to Close More Sales

When a farmer fills out a contact form on your website, use the API to automatically draw in information about them and their operation. Having that information gives you the complete picture when it’s time to make a sale.


3. Create Automated Segments for Marketing Campaigns

There are hundreds of ways to segment your farmer audiences. Pull in precisely the demographics you need, when you need them, to automate your market segmentation. 

Our team is standing by to walk you through the API, how it works, and the benefits it can offer to your company. Learn more about our farm data API.