E84: A Quiet New Year with January WASDE

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DTN’s Todd Hultman joins us today to unpack the latest on global stocks, and to discuss how he’s monitoring news about inflation, high fertilizer prices, supply chains, and COVID-19. We’ll discuss domestic and international demand shifts, the possible regional pressures on planting intentions, and basis and other price expectations.

E80: Ag Confidence Slips on High Input Costs

News Insights Field Posts Podcast

We go through the latest ag confidence numbers, and break down farmer concerns about the year ahead. We also discuss how an ambiguous trade and policy outlook, drought, and COVID might be affecting perspectives, and more.

Different Types of Grain Contracts

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With so many grain contract options available and ever-changing crop prices, how can you determine which approach is right for you? Which grain contract will effectively balance risk management without sacrificing potential profit increases? Are accumulator grain contracts conducive to your marketing plan, or is a more straightforward minimum price contract the way to go? 

Different Types of Commodity Prices

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If you are looking into getting started with commodity trading, you may have noticed that commodity prices aren’t always as straightforward as you might think. This article will look at the two different types of commodity prices and what they can indicate about the market. Understanding these concepts will prove essential to getting started with commodity trading. 

Is your sales and marketing aligned with your strategy?

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A significant amount of time, money and resources are invested in developing a successful go-to-market plan – and for good reason. The GTM plan positions the company to be successful throughout the lifecycle of the product or service. Just as important is that a sound GTM plan can flex when the market, or external drivers, change. Having spent considerable time as a strategy consultant for several clients, I often see these three key issues inhibit a strong GTM plan in the agribusiness sector.