E18: Hijacked Cattle Markets

News Insights Field Posts Podcast

A global pandemic cast a glaring spotlight on the often painful shortcomings of US cattle markets. But this was far from the first time producers felt like the markets had been hijacked.

E17: The State of the U.S. Grain Crop

News Insights Field Posts Podcast

A bearish WASDE last week didn’t shake the market rally brought on by a Midwest derecho. We’ll talk with DTN’s Katie Dehlinger, Emily Unglesbee, and Todd Hultman about the crop in the field and the risks of August weather as harvest looms.

How Do Farmers Increase Their Crop Yield?

Cornfield Sunrise

When it comes to agricultural priorities, crop yield ranks at the top of the list. So how do farmers increase their crop yield? The advancement of modern technology has helped tremendously in this area.