Ag Trends preview for the rest of 2021

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Download our latest white paper on Ag Trends that our experts predict for the rest of 2021. Get weather predictions from meteorologist Bryce Anderson, markets from Todd Hultman, policy from Chris Clayton and more. And it’s free!

Ep 61: Wheat Takes the July WASDE

News Insights Field Posts Podcast

The July WASDE took into account both the June 30th acreage report updates as well as looming weather factors. We unpack the bullish-ness news and discuss how the market is reacting, to this report and to factors well outside its scope.

Ep 60: 20 Inch Rows with Scott Wallis

News Insights Field Posts Podcast

Indiana and Illinois farmer Scott Wallis made the switch to 20 inch rows all the way back in 2001, and since then has made some significant transitions in his operation. On this week’s episode Scott talks about what went into the decision and more.

NAMA Agri-Marketing Conference

News Insights NAMA Conference

We’re breaking new ground to deliver fresh ideas and revamped strategies for the constantly evolving agri-marketing terrain. Join us July 20-22 | Kansas City, MO.

API Demo

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As the industry evolves, farmers and agribusinesses need specific data and insights at their fingertips to ensure they are able to make confident decisions. However, data alone can be cumbersome. That’s why integrating data into your AgTech software can improve usability and user experience.

Ep 59: The Future of Rural America’s Infrastructure

News Insights Field Posts Podcast

This week, we’re joined by DTN editor and reporter Russ Quinn and DTN Staff reporter Todd Neeley to dig into where the infrastructure conversation has been, what the final package might look like, and what it could mean for rural life.

3 Marketing Strategies for Agriculture Products

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When marketing to farmers, how do you know that you’re reaching the right farmer for your product? And how do you know you’re reaching them at the right time? Answering these questions is essential for developing effective marketing strategies for agricultural products.

How the Right Data Can Enhance Your AgTech Software

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We are moving into a new “information age” in agriculture.
Farmers and their agribusiness partners need specific information at their fingertips, in the moment of need, and in context to make confident decisions for their operation. This information can include crops, acres, field boundaries, irrigation, on-farm grain storage, soil data, and much more.