Recession and Gasoline Demand in the Modern World

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All the recession warning lights are blinking a bright red, but consumers are spending, and hiring remains strong. According to Brian Milne, data from past recessions and recoveries may not apply in this new world. See what he thinks lies ahead.

DTN Downstream Dictionary: The Molecule Movers

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Like in any industry, energy market professionals use unique terms. Whether you’re new to the downstream or an experienced hand, it’s always good to understand the vocabulary you encounter or use every day.

Are EVs Nearing Critical Mass?

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It’s no surprise that electric vehicles are in high demand, but the projected growth is not without its challenges. Brian Milne breaks down the numbers and outlines potential speed bumps in his latest blog.

How to Minimize Your Risk with Rack Price Intelligence

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To effectively hedge risk and maintain profitability in today’s downstream energy market, you must understand its current dynamics and pricing considerations. Our new blog highlights key factors and the vital role of rack price intelligence.

How to Build a Better Benchmark

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To protect your profits and peace of mind in today’s dynamic downstream, you must be sure your rack prices are accurate. Benchmarking is key to creating confidence. Learn how to evaluate your rack price report for reliability in our new blog.