DTN/Progressive Farmer Win National Ag Journalism Awards

The writers, designers, and content creators on the Progressive Farmer editorial team received 19 awards at the 2024 North American Agriculture Journalists competition (NAAJ). In addition, two earned a coveted Jesse H. Neal award, the business-to-business media equivalent of a Pulitzer Prize, for work that appeared in Progressive Farmer.

“The variety of awards we win each year shows the breadth and depth of the talent at DTN/Progressive Farmer.”
Greg Horstmeier, DTN Editor-in-Chief

In the annual NAAJ competition, DTN/Progressive Farmer captured:

  • Three first-place awards
  • Four second-place awards
  • Five third-place awards
  • Seven honorable mentions

Sweeping the Editorial category, DTN Editor Emeritus Urban Lehner received first and third place, and Progressive Farmer Editor-in-Chief Gregg Hillyer brought home second and honorable mention awards.

DTN/Progressive Farmer won awards in 10 of 11 writing and photography categories.

The NAAJ competition judges content produced by ag media, such as DTN, plus agriculture coverage from daily newspapers and general audience media. The Neal Awards recognize the best work within B2B media, which serves the legal, medical, health, construction, and technology industries.

At the 70th annual “Jesse H. Neal Awards” ceremony held April 26 in New York, Progressive Farmer Art Director Brent Warren and Production Manager Barry Falkner won best art direction of a magazine cover for their “future of food” collaboration for the April 2023 issue.

“Our award-winning content is a key part of the value that DTN provides to customers.”
Greg Horstmeier, DTN Editor-in-Chief

DTN/Progressive Farmer also had two other Neal finalists. Lehner was nominated for a collection of commentaries, and DTN “Field Posts” was a finalist in the podcast category.

“The variety of awards we win each year shows the breadth and depth of the talent at DTN/Progressive Farmer,” said Greg Horstmeier, DTN Editor-in-Chief. “Whether it’s breaking news, special issues, art direction, photography, or audio podcasts, we have some of the best in the business. Our award-winning content is a key part of the value that DTN provides to customers.”

The full list of NAAJ awards are below. To read more from the award-winning team at Progressive Farmer here.


Progressive Farmer NAAJ AWARDS:


Editorial writing

First place: Urban Lehner
Chinese investments in U.S. ag raise alarms

Second place: Gregg Hillyer
Global stats hit home

Third place: Urban Lehner
Brazilian beef producers keep deforesting the Amazon

Honorable mention: Gregg Hillyer
Biologicals: Manage expectations




News writing

Honorable mention: Katie Dehlinger
Implications of ChatGPT in ag


Profile writing

Second place: Des Keller
The godfather of regenerative ag

Third place: Pamela Smith
Resolve to get farm fit


Feature writing

Honorable mention: Victoria Myers
Balancing while the bulls run


Ongoing coverage or series

Honorable mention: Katie Micik Dehlinger, Jason Jenkins, Elaine Shein

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Honorable mention: Russ Quinn

Global fertilizer outlook
Global nitrogen fertilizer supply, demand outlook generally favorable
Lower prices, more demand globally, thanks to increased phosphorus fertilizer supplies
Positive potash outlook seen with lower prices, more global demand, higher supply

Honorable mention: Todd Neeley, Chris Clayton

Sustainable aviation fuel
Ethanol market taking flight with SAF
Sustainable aviation fuel future foggy
Ag, airlines want GREET model on SAF
Buis: Carbon capture ag’s big moment
Biden SAF action pivotal for biofuels



Spot news

Third place: Jason Jenkins
Georgia farmer exceeds 200 BPA soybeans

Honorable mention: Chris Clayton
Missing cattle case leads to tragedy



Second place: Chris Clayton
The western raw of American bison