Refined Fuels Demand

See the market in a brand-new way

You know how much volume you move with data from your internal inventory management and accounting systems — but they can’t tell you the overall market demand and volume. Our Refined Fuels Demand solution can give you that operational intelligence.


Unpredictable spikes in daily wholesale rack demand can have immediate consequences, catching the market off guard. Monitoring the delicate balance between supply and demand is one of the most important fundamental factors in today’s petroleum markets.

Get timely data via daily reports or access it online through the DTN ProphetX® desktop, API, mobile, or Excel Add-in solutions. Through these services, you can easily create a comprehensive data feed customized to your specific needs and geography.


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As the market leader covering more than 80% of downstream energy transactions, we are uniquely positioned to offer wholesale fuel demand data.

  • Aggregated, anonymized, and filtered data
  • Insights available at a rack city or PADD level
  • Daily information delivered in a convenient API or via DTN ProphetX (desktop, mobile, or Excel Add-in)
  • Historical data back to 2017 for trending and analysis
  • Customizable inputs to support proprietary metrics and relationship analysis
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Find and maximize opportunities with our unique, unbiased market insights.

  • Make more confident decisions based on facts and accurate market insights
  • Be confident in your positions relative to the overall PADD and/or rack city volume
  • Better manage data spend by only accessing information relevant to your operations
  • Save time by easily integrating data directly into spreadsheets and applications with user-friendly API keys
  • Act with certainty knowing volumes are captured electronically without manual reporting bias, delays, or omissions
  • Increase margins by maximizing long/short market opportunities


Demand data without context is meaningless

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The fuel demand guessing game is over

What is current fuel demand intelligence telling us?

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