Rime Ice or Hoar Frost? There is a Difference!

Have you ever stepped outside and all the trees and surfaces are covered with frost? If you look close enough, it sometimes resembles sharp spikes, and other times it may appear to be flat crystals. One of these is hoar frost, the other is rime ice. Many confuse the two, so let’s dig a little

Snow Squall: Defined

  When you hear the word “squall,” you might think of a squall line. Though generally associated with thunderstorms, similar phenomena can occur during the fall and winter.

5 Snow and Ice Oddities You’ve Likely Never Heard Of

Winter is on the way, and many areas have already experienced their first snowfall, along with frigid temperatures. It may be cold, and daylight is limited, but some rare phenomena only occur in these conditions. When you combine snow, ice, and freezing temperatures, many unique things can happen. Snow Rollers When you want to make

Snow to Liquid Ratios – How are They Calculated?

There are many challenges presented to meteorologists in forecasting snow. Some of these challenges are a result of the tools and data that we have at our disposal. Let’s look at one important aspect in forecasting snow: the snow to liquid ratio. When looking at numerical models, precipitation is forecast in liquid totals. In other words,